Friday, March 19, 2010

Ingredients of Life & The Odd Explosion

I love to have a weekly baking session. I put on my toile apron, pump some french music, and pretend I'm a Parisian cafe owner. I even have an entire back story created. My Cafe is called "The Spice of Life". It has bright yellow walls and vintage black and white tile flooring. It's completely overdone with paintings everywhere, heavy crown molding, and a stunning swarovski chandelier. It's pleasantly bold in a way only the french can do without treading towards garish. I move to France after being chased out of Canada for being a Russian Spy (an Exceptional Russian Spy). I know, it's pretty damn sexy. Prior to my quiet life as a quaint cafe owner, there was lots of explosions, gun fire, and an Alan Rickman type bad guy who had both an extremely creepy voice and superb wit. I'm like the modern John McClane only in heels, and I have more hair. My fantasy life is quite the thrill, and I'm convinced it in no way makes me delusional, and or sad. Although the fact I have created a small staff of super chef spies that help me might. Ambroise is my favourite. He's très saucy.

The most amazing part of baking (aside from the brief vacation to fruit loop ville it allows me), is like life, it's all in the ingredients and quantity. Just a slight change can make something go from dense to fluffy, or bland to sweet. It's bloody brilliant if you ask me. A little bit like being a mad scientist, only yummier and with cuter outfits. Plus no hazardous chemicals are involved. Once you admit to having an active fantasy life, it pretty much rules out anyone allowing you to handle explosive substances.

When I think about all the ingredients that have gone into my day to day, it makes me examine harder what I choose to add. In times of sorrow, I try and sweeten it with a cup of silly. Times my focus is wavering, I try to add a pinch more structure and grounding. Times I'm bored, I throw in a dash of creativity. I wouldn't make bread with only flour, or cookies with just nuts. I'm clearly nutty enough. If everything is not thoughtfully measured it won't be edible. I'm trying to continually hold my daily life to the same standards. I need equal parts physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health to make my life delicious. I very much want to have a life that is delectable from sunrise to sunset. We all crave days full of flavour and nutrients. In Christianity, we learn the bread of life is nourishment for the soul. If we're the bakers of our own bread of life, it's important to carefully examine if our recipe is working for us. So put on you apron and bakers hat (I totally need one), and start baking! Yippie kai yay my little muffins, and have a fantastic weekend! xo


  1. Very profound. A little baking can go along way.

    I was wondering when you were going to tell me you were a spy. I thought we told each other everything. Well I don't work for a bank, I just go a sit in a park all day feeding the birds. Every so often I pull a jewellery heist and have the proceeds credited into the bank acct ever so often to make you think I work. I guess this is more like Hans Gruber than John McClane but we all play a part to make the world go around.

    I love your closer, it might have to be your signature from here on out.

  2. I always felt John and Hans were more than just arch nemesis. We truly are star crossed lovers.

    PS. Now that I know you're a criminal, I'm going to need you to get a "raise" at work. Mama has some shopping to do.


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