Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Baby!

I'm really weird about sharing my nursery ideas... I mean REALLY weird. I've been planning this nursery for 6 years, and I feel like if I share my inspirations everyone will be doing it. Yes, my ego truly is that big. While this may seem rather paranoid, as it turns out Restoration Hardware stole my baby room. Ok, that may be a little melodramatic. They didn't exactly steal it since the room in the magazine is twice the size, but several of my ideas showed up in this month's issue. After getting past the page with the birds everywhere (I just finished making my baby a bird mobile) I turned to my baby room. Doug even said "Wow! Why aren't we getting paid for this?" Good question my little muffintop. Good question... Since we're not, I will open up my file titled 'french vintage inspired nursery's' (which incidentally is the name of said baby room in the RH magazine), and unleash them on the world. Well, unleash them on my 9 subscriber's world.These are my absolute favourites. I've added a couple more contemporary photo's as well that I love. They are all stunning! The RH one is at the very top.

We've only bought our crib and chandelier so far. Doug and his Dad did the wainscotting, but I've been trying to pace myself. I have some prints ordered to be framed, and a nappystacker on standby, but I'm very slowly collecting. I'll share more of our room once we get it completed, for now I'm just posting our crib which is the photo directly above. In all fairness to Restoration Hardware, we did order our crib from them. Despite the fact I suspect they have bugged our condo, and are listening to me type right now, I will say their service was impeccable. Enjoy my lovelies!!


  1. You are a phenomenal designer! The nursery will be perfect.

  2. Wow, a White room. I would love to have a white room, but with my dogs it would turn brown pretty fast. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    PS. I think they bugged your place as

  3. Thanks! We have three cats and I often think I'm nuts having all white bedding... I have to run the lint roller every morning for 8 minutes, Sheesh...; )


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