Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When I'm stressed I shop, and I'm stressed a lot!

Yes, I like/love/adore shopping. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm a shopaholic... More of a chic consumer. A stylish spender if you will. A woman out in the world trying to do my best to make sure my house and closet is full off all things unique, timeless, and eloquent. Please cue Requiem by Mozart. In order to understand just how much of a warrior I truly am, I think we're going to need some ambiance. To some a shopping mall may just be a big ugly building, but to me it's a land of opportunity. I can smell the shine on new shoes, and hear the rustling of newly stocked dresses from miles away. Shiny, sparkling, newness. It's my second favourite place to be. Even the sound of credit cards swiping gives me goose bumps. As it turns out though, I am not independently wealthy, nor did I marry Donald Trump. I could never get past the hair. So my bank account can not support weekly shopping sprees. Fortunately though my favourite addiction is far more affordable. While a shopping mall does give me a case of the tingles, my real true love and soul mate is consignment. Like Frodo in Lord of The Rings, I enter a magical place. I understand my conquest, but the journey... Ah, the journey will be fraught with endless obstacles of mountains of junk, but amongst all the rubbish is hidden treasure. Exhilarating isn't it!

I was raised by a brilliant and cheap shopper. A women who would go shopping across the border, ditch her old clothes and come back wearing new ones. New ones which she had washed, and sewn an old label into. She's a genius. Border patrol never stood a chance. I was groomed at the school for the nifty and thrifty.The Sally Anne and Value Village are our homing devices. Winners so very, je ne sais quois. We are the folks who will spend hours in one store, tearing through racks. We are the ladies who will pounce on you if you dare to come too close to our brimming shopping cart. We're those kind of people who will deliberately hide an item in the wrong section under a pile of crap, in case we decide to come back later and buy it. Some say diabolical, I say determined.

It's a new world though. A new era of online shopping has begun. For those of us who have been in the game a while now, we're learning new rules. A new way of life. The germaphobe in me is thrilled, but the sceptic is leery. I have however stumbled across, Etsy . A fabulous online site full of handcrafted delights, at very reasonable prices. Having bought my first item (some summery bunting), I perused around and found these charming pictures that I may find a new home for. They are precisely what I'm dreaming of this summer. Warm, soft, cheerful, and whimsical. She has an amazing gift. I could spend all day (months) on this site being overwhelmed by the incredible creativity and talent that is abundant. A new era has begun for this chic conscientious consumer who is in no way a shopaholic. A new era indeed.

Images from Check her out!! Bunting also seen above by Loalie


  1. Aha....Now the world knows! I laughed to hear the comment about hiding items under things, exactly what your step Dad did today, yes in the SB Goodwill....yes, I mean yes. He too is learning and having fun at it, We swung by the store on our way home to pick up the item and at the same time found a wonderful 99 cent sweater for you, tee hee hee!!! Oh this subject is so fitting today! That's my girl!!!

  2. That's awesome!! I always knew he had it in him. ; )

  3. I did not
    I repeat, I did not
    again, I did not!
    She stashed the book under"Linda Does Dallas".
    When she retrieved it it had been drooled upon
    I'm innocent. dad

  4. LOL!!! Sure, she stashed it under Linda does Dallas! Me think you doth protest too much. ; ) xo

  5. Hi!

    Those prints up top I've had my eye on for some time on Etsy. So summery and cheerful. I think I have the same shopping addiction as you.

    My brain tells me not to spend money on "stuff" but it's all the "stuff" (cute stuff) that makes me happy.


  6. Ahhh etsy! I've spend many an hour at work perusing that site. Tee hee ;)

  7. Etsy is fabulous!!!

    I think the ferris wheel pic may have to make it's way into our baby room... The teacup with the rose is going in our bedroom. I think I would wake up happier looking at it. ; )

  8. Etsy is a great shopping place, i've found a few treasures there myself. If you read my blog today you will see that I also love shopping, however I'm the women you see that walks by and if it catches my eye i'll buy it, if I have to look for it, i won't. I think I will give you my list of wants and send you off to find a good deal as my shopping patience has yet to
    N :)


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