Tuesday, March 9, 2010

White Light

My love affair with white is no secret. While colour therapists will argue white has little to no therapeutic benefits, my own well being thrives in a white room. I love the purity and calm that comes from white, and have spent hours looking at white rooms on- line. In fact I have an entire album of white rooms in my bookmarks, and I'm happy to share some of my favourites posted above.

After a summer of sadness I was so excited to break out a can of white paint and go to work creating a bedroom I could really breathe in. A bedroom that would make me feel like I was sleeping in the clouds . I added the Chinese lantern so that in my dreamy state of mind, I could imagine I was gazing at the moon before falling asleep.

While working up the courage to embrace a white bedroom, I came across these delicious treats. They are so gorgeous and refreshing I could happily live in any one of these rooms! A white room is able to clear the rubish out of the mind and give us a sense of clarity. With little to distract us, it's a colour my eyes are happy to feast on.

So now you know my weakness... What is your go-to colour?

These rooms are found at Beach Studios UK.


  1. I like the last photo the best. I sleep there!

  2. My husband and I just finished developing our basement this past winter and I painted the guest room/craft room white. I also have a white trundle bed (Ikea) and white craft organizers that take up one entire wall. I love it! But I haven't had time to add the finishing touches yet. That will come one day. :)

  3. Isn't it so refreshing?! My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed our white sanctuary, (as you can see per his enthusiasm above).

    I've started our nursery which is white, but it's on pause for now. I love working with it is a backdrop though.


  4. Gorgeous Photos! Sis you have exceptional taste... you have a talent for interior design.

  5. Aww thanks sis!! I do love it! xoxo

  6. I LOVE white rooms but not in my house. I think they are so calming but in my house white equals dirt and for me colors feel comfy. That being said I will envy you for your white rooms as with 3 dogs I would never be able to have such a thing.
    Nat :)

    PS...i'm starting your blog from day one...more comments to follow. Can't wait to meet you.


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