Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anywhere But Here!

Anytime I start to feel a little bit ooogy, (that's a word right?) I play a little game called 'Anywhere But Here'. Generally this just involves some serious imagination, but I'm so ooogy I'm heading for slooogy. When you hit slooogy it requires much more effort.The above villa in Thailand is where I've chosen to vacation from reality. I'm generally not a huge fan of contemporary homes, but this villa stole my heart. It's so opulent with its divine grandeur, I just want to walk around it calling everyone 'Sweetie Dahling'. By everyone I mean the staff who dote on me, feed me, and give me endless foot massages. I also love having my hair brushed. In this world there is no husband saying "I'm too tired". Ah, sweet obedience.

I've chosen a lovely Versace dress for day, and a sweet Banana Republic dress for evening. I'm also eating a papaya salad for lunch. I've never actually had one before, but it seems appropriate. At least more appropriate than the cadbury creme egg I'm currently inhaling. It's still easter in my stomach.

So pull up a chair and play a round! Imagination is a beautiful thing. Almost as beautiful as the scantily clad man peeling grapes for me...Bliss...


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