Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Days Of Summer

It's April 14th, 12am, and it looks like midnight outside. Alright, I'm willing to concede that may be a slight exaggeration. It's gloomy though. Very gloomy. I know Wednesday is usually my infertility blog day, but I just don't feel like it and you can't make me. I just want to relax, and lounge around attempting to enjoy some summer inside. This involves listening to the Amélie soundtrack, and drinking some homemade french lemonade.

I even found the perfect home to fantasy vacation at. I've been more and more drawn to cottage type houses. I think this is my attempt at grasping the perpetual feeling of sunshine. I'm not quite ready to plunge my condo into summer decor. I still have my bundle of wood next to the fire place, and chenille throws on the couch to bundle up in. So for now I'm going to vicariously live through others.

I was introduced to this blog through Holly at This lovely home comes from Not only is it refreshing and delicate, but Maria has five children! Her style is both creative and classic. There isn't one thing in her home I haven't fallen in love with. Did I mention she has 5 children?? Looking at this lovely home is enough to make me want to throw on my flip flops and have a picnic on my patio. It also reaffirms my belief that style can be practical, affordable, and delicious. The arrival of children doesn't mean the packing up and shipping off of all things chic and stylish, and her home is a fabulous testament to that.

Thank you Maria for allowing me post photos of your stunning beach home!

I hope these April showers are a preparing us for fragrant May flowers! Love, Jxx

French Lemonade recipe:
6 lemons
2 oranges
2 1/2 cups sparkling water
225 gram (2 1/4 cup) icing sugar

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