Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mama Mia

I'm currently visiting my mother, after being coerced into heading to Victoria for some good shopping. I must be easy to convince because as one of my cousins pointed out,what does Victoria have that Vancouver doesn't? Smart cookie that girl. In terms of shoppping, not much. As my mother pointed out though, shopping with her gaurantees free delivery. Score one for team Mom!

I'm over here searching high and low for a dresser for the baby room. There are a couple things needed to qualify the dresser. One, it needed to have a price tag of $150. Two, it needed to either be white, or made of material that can be painted white. Three, it needed to be small enough to fit in the room. Our nursery is VERY tiny. Four, isn't really a four. It's just a note that like the rest of our baby room it needed to have a vintage feel, with clean lines.

So did I find my dream dresser? Of course I did!! It's one of the above. Since I'm away this week and not doing my usual blogging,I thought I'd play a little game of guess the purchase! This is strictly for my own amusement. I tried to get Doug to play yesterday,but he said the phone was dying. An unlikely story, but it still got him off the hook. Can you guess the dresser? It's not much fun if no one plays. I'm head over heals in love with it! All of the above were great contenders, but one stole my heart. So excited!! Now to bribe my delivery service into bringing it over sometime soon!!

Have a wonderful week!!!xx


  1. My guess is the second to last one, with the blue chair in front of it....P

  2. This might be a bad move, but I'm changing my vote to the first one. :)

  3. Just going to go with the one I would likely pick (although those are pretty much all very cute #1)...but I'll say the last one!

  4. They are all cute but I am thinking to get the price under $125, any dresser that has already been spiffed up with white paint(prettier tags usually mean a higher price) is probably out of the question. I am guessing the last one in blue. It has nice lines, vintage wood handles and would look great in a coat of Benjamin Moore creamy white. Plus it's a tall boy and will use less space.


  5. I can't guess cause you already showed me ;)

  6. Hmmm, they are all very cute but I'm going to go with the third one. Love the big chunky drawers!

  7. I can't decide so I'll guess two: Either #1 (because I love the drawer handles) or #3 (because that's what most people have said!). If I were really forced to guess, I'd choose #3. Sounds like a fun shopping expedition!



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