Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Voices

"You're flat"
"You're fat"
"You're not wearing that are you?"
Many women's voices. All friends.

Standing in the grocery line people buy Us Weekly, Cosmo, and Elle. Mainly women.
We pay money to read how we don't measure up, and to watch the destruction of others with excited eyes.
We go home with our bruised egos, and battered self esteem, and call Britney a whore.
We watch public relationships end and pick a side. One the saint, the other sinner.
We cringe at the thought of someone calling our mother, sister, daughter, a slut.
Then we turn around and call someone else's mother. sister, daughter, a slut.
Day after day, we carry brick after brick, to help build the walls that imprison us.

Susan B Anthony, Rosemary Brown, and Elizabeth Mac Cullum all shake their heads in sorrow.
While Hilary Clinton picks up a sledge hammer, and becomes more than just Bill's wife.

We are the change that can save us.
We are the sun.
We are the light.
We hold the power to end our cold, dark imprisonment.

I'm constantly in awe of how as women, we've long lost the ways of sisterhood. We have an incredible amount of freedom in this country to vote, to study, to enter politics. We have rights most women can only dream of. Still though, we're distracted by a powerful media determined to keep us stupid, shallow, and vicious towards one another. Imagine what we all could accomplish if we stood beside, and not opposing one another.

J xx


  1. I just want to put it out there that I love Brittney! ;)

  2. Well said, Jessa. I also am at a loss as to why we as women are often our very worst and harshest critics. We/I spend too much of our time criticizing other women rather than supporting them and celebrating their accomplishments.

    Again, well said!



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