Friday, April 16, 2010

The Painting Love Built

So maybe we aren't the next Claude Monet, although I'm not ready to concede defeat quite yet. We could always improve. Over time. With a lot of professional help. Alright, we're awful. Do we at least get points for effort?

So for Easter/The D man's birthday we hit up Raw Canvas, a fabulous Vancouver Restaurant where you eat a delicious meal, throw on a painting smock and create to your little hearts content. Here is the result of our combined creative efforts. This is what it would look like if our love vomited all over a canvas. I know, it's breathtaking.

I think sometimes we stop allowing ourselves creative freedom once we enter adulthood. I loved throwing paint on the canvas, and I'm actually kinda proud of the mess that is our art work. One of my favourite things to do when I was a child was put obscene amounts of paint on a piece of paper,fold it in two, and smush it around. I loved the chaos of it all. I loved the rainbow coloured blotches that emerged. To my five year old eyes, I had created a true masterpiece.

This weekend I encourage all of you to partake in some creative venture that brings back those feelings of abandonment. Go to the park, swing, run around, make some play-dough! Don't eat the play-dough though, no matter how yummy it smells. It's really high in sodium and my doctor has assured me it's not healthy. Health advisory aside, embrace your youthful spirit! Take your inner child out for a rootbeer float! I remember being young and thinking how amazing it would be to one day explore my independence and do whatever I wanted. I find I don't exercise this freedom as much as I'd like. So lets all raise a Shirley Temple to freedom!! Maybe later we'll play some hopscotch.

Happy Friday My Rays Of Sunshine!! xx


  1. Wow! I'm surprised the restaurant didn't try to steal your masterpiece. What trustworthy folk.
    How was the food?

  2. I know!! They'll be kicking themselves one day!! The food was really good! We'll have to take you guys. It was a ton of fun!!! xo


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