Monday, April 5, 2010

She's Crafty!

I'm taking this Easter Monday to share with you my first real craft project. I've never been one who excels in the art department, despite the fact my mom is the MacGyver of the craft world. Give her a paper clip and a shoelace and she'll make something marvellous. I however, am unable to cut a straight line. When I was in Kindergarden my mom helped me cut with scissors. I was also a disadvantaged lefty who no one knew what to do with. The teacher yelled at her that if she kept helping me I would never learn how to cut on my own. Well, chalk one up for the crabby professor because at the age of 32 I still don't have the scissor skills of a inept 5 year old. Which is why this particular project involved a combined effort. My mom cut out the birds forms since I was terrified my future bambino would spend their formative years gazing at choppy, menacing looking birds.

As you take in the fact we now have a chandelier and lacy bird mobile, you may wonder what if we have a boy? I feel it fair to inform you we are expecting a boy. I am 99.9% sure we will be referred a beautiful baby boy. I am also 99.9% sure our child will not so much as batt an eyelash at their beautiful room, with its feminine overtones.This may be the only baby room I get to create so I'm doing it exactly the way I want to. I hardly think our little guy is going to take one look at the mobile and demand to be taken back to the airport. I also have my "boy" things being prepared for the room, because I want it be a combination of both masculine and feminine.

We went to Pottery Barn kids a while ago and we were floored by the division of girl accessories from boy accessories. Half the store was pink and pretty, and the other half was red, blue and had a lot of firemen accessories. I don't want our child to be raised thinking they can only shop in one half of a store.

So there you have my first craft project. I'm planning to one day take over Martha Stewart's empire, only with less illegal activity. At the very least I'll cover my tracks better. Happy Easter Monday to everyone, and if you don't feel like throwing up from all the sugar frying your system, you haven't experienced the best Easter has to offer!

This is one of my favourite Easter quotes, and I sincerely hope this April the world blossoms all around you!

"Where man sees but withered leaves,
God sees sweet flowers growing."
-- Albert Laighton

J xo


  1. I also very sure that we will get referred a little boy (although we requested either gender). I'm still trying to make the room neutral just in case but it's haaaaaard.

    Your room is looking amazing so far. Congrats on your first crafty project!!! It's adorable!

  2. That was supposed to say "I'm also very sure....."


  3. Thanks so much!! We requested either as well, but I think "either" when adopting from Ethiopia means "boy". ; )

  4. So I've packed up my craft books to donate to this most worthy cause. Gotta see if I can find you lefty scissors....

  5. Very cute mobile! I like that you are doing whatever you want in the room. All the gender business is silly. I think Will turned out perfectly well considering he wore pig tails and dresses until he was 5 ;)

  6. Oh my gosh Anya, that is too funny! It always interests me that pink used to be considered a boy's colour and that not that long ago, boys did wear dresses. I'm not sure they called them dresses, but they certainly looked like them! xo

  7. lovely. we have two boys and honestly? they don't give a hoot. my son had to borrow a pink onesie one day (at church) because I never thought to pack extra clothes? poor thing. he survived extraordinarily while my husband probably suffered the most. Everyone kept asking who's girl we were holding:0)


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