Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweet Renewal

Easter has always been my favourite holiday, and this is not solely based on my love of all things chocolate. I love spring. It's that special time of year we really dust off the cobwebs, and go about celebrating renewal. It's a time to acknowledge not all things return and regrow as you remember them, and some may not return at all. However, new things will fill our space, and new pleasures will hopefully find us.

Every Easter I try and spring clean my life. I look at what has been making me happy, and what no longer gives me a sense of fulfillment and excitement. With that in mind I would like to thank everyone who's taken the time to read my blog. As I end week three of blogging, I am beyond thrilled at the amazing responses and e-mails I've received. I am very sincerely humbled. Writing here has given me a new enthusiasm for my life, and for that I feel very blessed. I feel like I'm slowly hitting my stride, and think this summer may just be the best one yet. I feel very inspired.

Generally spring cleaning also means hauling some things out to the curb. Sometimes I've found it's a personality aspect that I need to leave behind, a bad habit, or in some instances a relationship that no longer seems purposeful. This year I have decided to say goodbye to self doubt. It really doesn't enhance my life, and in order to embrace new successes I need to relinquish old self defeating attitudes.

Easter to me is also is a time for Jesus. I am grateful for all he has taught me, and I am grateful for all he inspires in me. In that same vein of thought, I am so grateful to all religions and spiritual paths I have had the good fortune to learn about in my life. My life has been made so much richer through all of you.

Happy Easter and Happy Renewal!! Thank you for your support, it has truly brightened my whole world. Jessa xx


  1. Bravo and hoping the Easter Bunny hops right into your home with a barrel full of chocolate treats.....good for the soul! Love to you my sweet!

  2. Love to you too!! Thanks mama xxoo


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