Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Triple A : Anya, Addiction, & Anthropologie

Until recently I was unaware of an amazing store called Anthropologie. My cousin Anya introduced it to me, making her solely responsible for my new obsession. I could spend hours gazing at the designs, dresses, blouses, and dishes. Unfortunately, I'm cheap. Very, very cheap. So this doesn't exactly thrill my pink polka dotted piggy bank, but none the less I'm in love. I do believe in fantasy shopping sprees, so if I won $1000 gift certificate (or someone anonymously sent one to me in the mail -ahem), these would be my purchases! And by $1.000, I really mean $2,000. My general rule of spending is always round down. So if you spend $1,999, it really only counts as $1,000. It doesn't have to make sense, the important thing is you believe in it. J

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  1. I also use the round down policy...especially when my husband asks me how much I spent on something.

    Maybe you should send your favorite store an e-mail of your post and they will reward you with a GC for your wonderful endorsement of them? I know I gravitated towards their site immediately after seeing your post. What can I say - anything with ruffles and girlish details fascinates me.


  2. Now that's a brilliant idea! I love the romance of ruffles and lace... So dainty and feminine.

  3. If we go to Oregon together, we should make this part of our trip. I think the rounding down trick will work very nicely for us ;)

  4. PS - that clutch is super-cute

  5. Definitely!! We have to go now, I won't survive without at least one trip there this year! I'm desperate to go. ; )

    I love the clutch as well. It's the sweetest.

  6. I always round off as well...Chris will say how much is it? I'll say only 20 bucks, he'll look at the tag and say it's not 20 it's 25 (24.99)and I say...same thing. it's just the way my mind likes to process pricing, helps me to justify some spending.


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