Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vancouver Lovin'

I spent some time last week visiting Sidney by the sea. It's a lovely place on Vancouver Island filled with ocean views, beaches, and small crafty shops. It has all the ingredients for a relaxing vacation. While I enjoyed every moment, I began to miss my fair city Vancouver.

Within moments of arriving on the mainland, I'd been pushed into a door, and thoroughly enjoyed yelling at some snotty teenagers and their teachers. Hmm... I'm beginning to sound like a cranky old bat. That may be the draw back of vacationing in a retirement community. Any way, while I was battling my way off buses and inhaling the stench of urban life, I was truly content.

I love this city. I love the grittiness. I love the busyness. I love all of it. Vancouver is the most expensive place to live in the world, which is the biggest draw back. My best friend and I have even discussed moving to PEI and buying small mansions next to each other and living like queens. However, while it may not be affordable, and we may forever live in our shoebox condos in the same dicey neighbourhood, Vancouver is our home.

The rain can also be a bit depressing, but if you like to huddle inside with hot chocolate and a good book this may be the city for you. Plus, you'll undoubtedly learn to embrace the wide array of fashionable rain boots available from shoppers drug mart to Aldo. Rain boots will become your wardrobes must have.

It is multicultural. It has a flavour for every craving. It has sushi on every corner, and it's good sushi! It has neighbourhoods for yuppies, yippies, and dinks. Man, I love acronyms.

It is a big city with lots of charm. It has parks, it has wildlife (rats count as wildlife right?), and it has the most lovely cherry blossom trees you've ever seen. I have the best spine tingling story about a rat in a toilet, but I'll save that for another day. The people may be rude, and depending on the neighbourhood you may be frowned upon for not wearing lululemon or having a permanent tan, but it's comfortably arrogant. While you're being shunned for not having highlights and acrylic nails, you can enjoy your isolation on one of the many stunning beaches surrounding us.

I have lived here for 13 years, and even though a big house with a yard, and a small town where every knows you has it's appeal, the city is for me. I never feel more at home than the moment my foot steps off the ferry and I can smell the over priced real-estate wafting towards me. Vancouver, you're forever my love. xx


  1. For me, since I was a kid, coming out of the Vancouver airport felt like coming home...even before I lived there. There's something about the air there that I so miss. We moved from Vancouver to Winnipeg almost five years ago and the only thing I don't miss is how expensive it was to live there!
    Take a deep breath of that air for me!!


  2. Green Acres is the place for me! Whoops I mean Sidney by the Sea is the place for me! Yes you said's a great vacation place and I'm on permanent vacation.... It was very fun sharing our fair town with you and I understand the love of your own home...thank goodness!!

  3. Ruth, I didn't know you used to live here! If you ever visit, you'll have to let me know. I'd love to meet you!

    Sidney really is a lovely little place. Not my home, but a lovely home none the less. xo

  4. Sounds wonderful, I can't wait to go explore Vancouver.


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