Friday, April 23, 2010

What we believe, But can not prove

As I end school for the summer, I've been thinking about one of my favourite classes. In political philosophy we were given a book called 'What We Believe But Can Not Prove'. It is a series of essays by some of the most brilliant scientific thinkers on faith and scientific theory. They range from topics of consciousness, language, evolutionary purpose, life in outer space, and the existence of faith itself. This has me reflecting on what I believe but can not prove.

I believe in God. I know that sounds rather cliche but I do. I don't believe the world is unfolding according to their plan, but I do believe there is a higher power. I don't believe this being is one great entity that looks over each of us. I think they gave us a part of them in the hopes we would look after each other. I don't believe they are male, or female. I don't believe they feel hate, jealousy, or rage. I believe we hinder them with the human attributes we are determined to give them. Perhaps this makes them more relatable, but it also makes them flawed. I don't believe they possess human qualities, beyond the core of goodness. I believe the goodness we have, and the goodness in all beings is the gift they have given us. The part of themselves we have access to. I believe the prideful, boastful, judging entity we often turn to does not exist. Too often, we want them on our side, so we create something that thinks like us. I also think they are blamed out of convenience. If everything is according to God's plan, then God is capable of great tragedy. I think our human frailties make us susceptible to look towards them for answers to choices and actions made out of the selfishness of humans. I believe God lives within each of us, and I believe that part of us the holds each others hand, laughs in each others joy, and cries with each others grief is God. I believe God gave us everything we need. We weren't kicked out of paradise, we were given the tools to make our own.

It's not the most terribly profound belief but it is mine. I loved the book and the concept, and would recommend it to anyone. They are easy one to two page reads, and each is as thought provoking as the next. What do you believe but can not prove?

Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the crisp spring air!!

J xx

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