Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For My Husband

We are not conventional people my love.
We are not the dream of the 2.5 kids, and the SUV.
We are not the reflection of our parents or their parents.
We are forging our own way, however challenging it may be.
We are not easily contented my darling.
We are fighters for a new world, and we are restless like children on rainy days.
Our legs long to run.
Our eyes desire to see the world undressed.
Our ears long for the voices of the scholars, the prophets and the elders.
When we crave a different life, and our shoulders cave around our hearts we must remember.
Our feet are not meant for the grass on the other side of the fence.
They are meant to be exactly where they are.
We are only now fully embracing our potential.
We need to remember the legacy we wish to leave.
We need to embrace the wealth of knowledge passed down.
We can live off our faith and freedom.
Freedom, yes we are free my angel.
We think freely, love freely, and suffer freely.
We are not caged birds.
We are part of a movement.
We are creating our children's history in every decision we make.
We must act wisely.
Please don't despair my dear.
I am always by your side, your fragility humbles me to tears.
As we move along the waters edge and laugh at the rushing waves we are home.
Our survival is dependent on our willingness to embrace our passions.
We are survivors.
We are individuals.
We are are a team.
We are strength.
We are in love.
There is nothing more beautiful.


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