Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspiring Ideas!

I discovered this website a while ago called It has thousands upon thousands of stunning homes. People share their design ideas which are bound to leave you inspired. I have two design philosophies. The first is you never know unless you try. It's ok to have ideas that result in something less than attractive. Being fearless is a design must. My second philosophy is like in life, natural talent only takes you so far. I'm not a designer, but I find my own home has benefited from me constantly exploring and researching beautifully designed homes. As someone not planning to attend design school in this life time, I can thank magazines like Elle Decor for giving me an instruction manual. I don't like cookie cutter. I'm not a fan of 'Bed in a bag', and thankfully I think we live in era where if you look hard enough you will find inspiration. These are some of my favourites from my idea book. They are unique, timeless, and a little quirky.

Enjoy!! J xx

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  1. Perfect just what I need some help.
    This week have to choose a floor and I have been at a loss.
    Also my old white kitchen needs a backsplash but I can not choose it is sealed with painters tape for now.
    Tomorrow I am off to hunt for some new idea's
    Thanks , love all the photo's you did choose.

  2. That sounds so exciting! I know choices can be daunting, but it's so refreshing when renovations come together. Good luck on choosing flooring and backsplash!! We still need to do one in our kitchen as well. We're hindered at the moment by extreme cheapness. One day soon though I hope to be glossing over pages of tile.
    Jessa xx

  3. LOVE that screen pantry door!! Thanks for the link!


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