Monday, May 17, 2010

A & J's Big Adventure!

Pee Wee has nothing on us! Except some really cool inventions. He also made more money off his adventures than Adrian and I. In fact our adventure cost us money. It may have been a mistake to go down the whole Pee Wee's adventure comparison after all.

Adrian was nice enough to indulge my wishes to explore VanDusen Botanical Garden. There is something so soothing about this little gem situated off Oak and 37th. It's not the large and commercial Buchard Gardens, which in many ways makes it more endearing. It's rarely crowded, and parts of it are remarkably reminiscent of The Secret Garden.

There are many lovely walks to explore, a waterfall, and large robust trees lining many pathways. If you're obsessed with The Labyrinth , it also contains a small maze. Adrian is 6'7 which offers him a distinct advantage in mazes. The perfect partner if you're lost somewhere with high hedges. I should forewarn you if you're expecting David Bowie to pop out in tights and announce he is the Goblin King this isn't likely to happen. Trust me, I feel your disappointment.To make up for it though there is a bull statue near the entrance made entirely of springs. The bull is also anatomically correct. This is sure to keep you giggling for the majority of your time there.

So if you're looking for a relatively cheap excursion, pack a picnic and head to VanDusen's. I recommend GPS in the maze.



  1. Great snaps of the Rhodo's. I love VanDusens maze. We will be making a day of it there for my birthday in a couple weeks. No better way to spend the day than in the garden, even if it's raining.

  2. I agree!! It's lovely! Have a wonderful birthday!!xx


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