Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Grandma Wallpapered Her Fridge

It's true. I even have the home movies to prove it. Between you and me I think she was onto something. I have a love of wallpaper, even though it terrifies me like haircuts with bangs. While sometimes amazing, when they look bad, they look really really bad. I'm not looking to support bangs any time soon, but I am toying with wallpaper. These were some fantastically designed wall papered rooms. They are all classic and refreshing. I tend to work my way up to design ideas and I need to continuously study all possibilities before I'll commit. These are among my favourites and they definitely further my desire for at least one wallpapered room. Giving my reluctance, I'm thinking bathroom or hallway. Either way I'm looking forward to carrying on the family legacy of wallpaper addiction. For the time being though, my fridge is safe. Jxx


  1. hello!
    thank you for stopping by and your super sweet comment :)
    aw im so glad you liked my little vintage blue bird! ill be posting more vintage images soon :)

    its So Awesome your going to adopt soon!! my wonderful blog friend has an AMAZING story about adoption and infertility

    that is her site if you want to check her out!

  2. My goodness you have a knack for finding the most spectacular rooms imaginable!!! But I am truly glad that your refrigerator is safe - I tend to think that it might look rather hideous!


  3. I too as of late been toying with the wallpaper concept. Although I think I better get you to help me pick it out.

  4. And I'll hang it for you but not in the bathroom....the hardest room in the house to wallpaper!! And you're lucky you didn't get wallpapered in Nantie's house!!

  5. Those rooms looked incredible!!
    I think wallpaper would look so amazing in your place because you would do a fabulous job!


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