Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not So Mellow Yellow

I've never been described as mellow, but I love the colour yellow. I prefer smaller doses, but with the grey perpetually surrounding Vancouver, I find myself craving yellow. My eyes are longing to feast on a lavish meal of all things yellow, a feeling generally reserved for Friday night pizza.

In the world of colour therapy yellow represents animation. It can lift us out of melancholy, and thrust us back to the land of the living. It has long been regarded as a joyful colour full of childhood merriment. It is also associated with intellectual and mental stimulation.

The colour of sunshine and daffodils, a little bit of yellow goes a long way to turning a grey day into pure gold. j xx

Dress by Anthropologie
Photo's 1 & 7 by Polly Wreford
Cake by Mark Joseph


  1. LOVE the yellow dress!! I wish that the idea of recreating Mr. Joseph's cake thrilled me (it is soooo lovely!!) but the thought of cutting all that marzipan makes anxious lol!

  2. Yellow always cheers me up!
    Great colour. :)

  3. That dress is on my list to buy when I hit Portland this summer! It reminds me of the one Mia Farrow wore in Rosemary's baby. Love!
    The cake is amazing as well. It's the Vera Wang of cakes.

    Yellow is a fantastic colour! I think if you live in BC you're bound to have a soft spot in your heart for yellow.



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