Friday, May 7, 2010

Well That's Neet!

I'm hairy. Not quite Sasquatch hairy. More Sasquatch's 3rd cousin, twice removed on his Aunt Myrtle's side hairy. I'm happy to out myself as a member of the 'no, that's not a long sleeved shirt I'm wearing' club, because I'm confident after 11 years with Doug this will in no way impact my dating life. We're married, we have no dating life. Smile honey, it's a joke.

So there you have it. I'm hairy and happy. In the spring when I begin to shed my winter coat, I stock up on wax strips in every size. I don't mind the pain of waxing as long as I'm the one doing it. Waxing my bikini though has always been a pain in the ass. You see what I did there? It's awkward, and I'm always nervous bits that aren't meant to be waxed off, will be. I have had Brazilian bikini waxes, and I'm never really comfortable with a stranger being that up close and personal with me. Maybe if they gave me a glass of wine and asked about my dreams and aspirations first, but I always seem to get the disgruntled women who smirk the more I yelp.

This year in the wax isle I kept eyeing up the hair removal cremes. They seemed to be begging me to give them one more try. Years ago in a fit of desperation I tried Nair and it left me looking like I had some sort of new fangled STD. Neet though was unexplored territory for my privates.

I started with a patch on my arm. It was easy and painless. While I rarely remove my arm hair (not to be confused with under arm hair), I suddenly had to do both my arms. It was so simple. 3 minutes later, gone! Before I knew it I was naked in our washroom, taking layers of lotion to any area hair dared to grow. As stated earlier I'm hairy, so that covers a lot of area. The stray hair on my big toe? Gone. The 4 hairs under my belly button? Gone. Leg hair, bikini hair, arm hair? Gone. I swear I haven't been this bald since I was born. Have I mentioned I have an addictive personality?

It's been a few days, and there is the slight hint of stubble beneath the surface. I'll most likely stick to waxing, but I would recommend this if you're too lazy to shave, or want to quickly remove all hair in preparation for the waxing season. I have no opinion on women's hair removal. This is not an endorsement for all women to be hairless. I married a man who could care less. I could care less. I don't think hair is"'yucky". This is just my little review of a decent product that impressed me. So hairy, bald, or somewhere in between, I hope you and your naughty bits have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Wow, my ears and eyes are now officially blinded. How was I to know you'd be talking about something so far beyond what I ever wanted to know about women's hair situations. I will never, ever be able to forget it now....

    At any rate, I just about dirtied all my paperwork when I snorted that Pepsi out my nose throughout this post. I hope you're happy now...

    Oh, and by the way, After the pepsi passed through, I think I need to remove some of those pesky, burning nosehairs... Got any advice? :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Pluck, pluck, pluck those nose hairs! ; )

    I apologize for my lack of disclaimer. I am however thrilled to say after reading the above you are now a certified Women's Body Hair Remover Advisor. Your certificate will arrive shortly in the mail.

    I am thrilled you enjoyed this, despite there being a possible ick factor!

  3. I recently got someone else to wax me for the first time in a while (I used to like to save the money and do it myself, but now I've decided I'd rather save myself the time and have someone else do it) and she waxed a place I'd never removed hair from before - my toes! It felt so crazy!

  4. I love discovering posts that I have never read - and this one had rolling with empathetic laughter. I truly have been there!

    Once in an attempt to save money I did a DYI job. I was left black and blue in the nether regions for a week. Not good. I think I'll try the Neet :)


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