Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Freedom Seekers

There has never been a word so loved by me as freedom. The heading for my blog has an empty bird cage to signify my commitment to living outside the bars. We all struggle with imprisonment, often by our own hands. I am constantly trying to fly once more.

I am free to vote, free to pursue education, free to love, and free to find my joy. I revel in my freedom. I adore flying in a world of possibilities. There is something so delicious in the unfolding of one's wings.

I will not say life has been unkind for the past few years, because there is something too macabre in the sentiment. Life has been difficult, but life has given me opportunities I otherwise would not have had. I have found peace. I have found peace within the most painful hours, minutes, seconds of my life. I have found peace in the release of tears, and peace in the laughter rising from the depths of my belly. I have been free to find my peace.

To quote Tennesse Williams, here is 'a prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages'.

I pray we find our peace in troubled waters, and peace each time the sun bends down to kiss our shoulders. I pray we find freedom in our soul, and in the moments that it's hard to breathe freedom lifts us from such sorrows, and we are dancing in the open space of solace. Enjoying the sweet revelry of time.

J xx

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