Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hormonal Garden Party

The sunshine flirted away during the Olympics, batted her eyelashes on the national news, shared her warm rays with all the visitors in February, but now that July is nearly here she taunts us. It's rainy and cold, oh sunshine you fickle little tart!

I'd love to have an outdoor garden party, but alas, I live in Vancouver. It is 14 degrees and %&^$#^& raining outside. 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5. I'm good. I'm calm. I'm zen.

For those who don't live in Vancouver you may not understand my animosity for the rain. After all, my blog itself carries the phrase "without rain, nothing would grow". You may wonder where my sense of profound wisdom in appreciating those iridescent little rain drops has run off to? Lucky for me this is my blog so I can be as crabby as I want to be. No, this isn't just my pms talking. It helps though. It definitely helps.

I'm not often crabby. My hormones usually lead me to whiny and needy but not angry and crabby. On the rare occasion they rear their tiny angry red faces I think it's important to let them run a muck for a day or two. It reminds me that feeling angry and frustrated is in fact normal, and it reminds Doug that his wife is to be both respected and feared.

Yesterday as he rolled his eyes and moaned "Jessa, you're just trying to start a fight". I declared proudly "Obviously!!! I've been going out of my way for two hours to start a fight!" Later when he finally started to lose his own temper at my unrelenting nitpicking I narrowed my eyes, sucked the warmth out of the room and muttered in a low terrifying tone "Feeling lucky today Comrade?" Cue the foreboding music. That's when he packed me up and shipped us out to watch a french film at the matinee. He's a smart cookie that one.

So this is day 2 of severe crankiness. Since it truly is a rare occasion that I'm so darn irritable, I thought I would try to ease my mood by planning a garden party. The lovely images above are incredibly inspiring and I am taking notes on how to arrange my own 'Secret Garden' garden party. (Wasn't that the best book!). However, as bewitching as the above photos are, I'm still storming around like the Goblin King so my next plan is to snuggle up with Madame Bovary, a nice cup of tea, and the three cats who have stayed relentlessly by my side fearing for my blood pressure. If that doesn't work I may take this opportunity to write angry letters on behalf of PETA and Amnesty International. I may even write a disgruntled letter to Pango Pizza, just to see if I can get a free pizza out of the deal.

Ah Monday my old foe, you do not disappoint. Don't worry my friends, the PMS Princess will soon return to the land of Estrogen and will be replaced once more by the peculiar dame who usually hangs out in these parts.

*Disclaimer* Jessalyn Rodenburgh is not responsible for the views expressed here today in her usually pleasant blog. Today's entry was written by a mob of angry hormones and she in no way endorses or secretly applauds their gift for discourse.


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  1. Well, having a particularly crabby day myself, I empathize with you, Jessa! I'll add my own moaning to yours by pointing out that in Winnipeg, even when we have glorious sunshine, our attempts to have outdoor tea parties are more than a little marred by the fist-sized mosquitos (admittedly an exaggeration of size) which would like to take advantage of our party by having a feast of their own!

  2. Aww Mosquitoes are so nasty!!! yuckers. I grew up in Ontario and I'm allergic to black flies and mosquitoes. It made for interesting summer vacations. The year I got the chicken pox in July was particularly exhilarating. ; p

    I guess you'll just have to move back to Vancouver... I'll make you some cupcakes. ; )



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