Monday, June 14, 2010

My Mother, My Hero

My Mom has been our saving grace several times over in our quest to be parents. When our agency went bankrupt she held us together. When the fight was on she rallied the troops and made sure all our family and friends were aware of the letter writing campaign. She was command central and talked people through the process, which government officials to write to, and even gave them sample letter formats. We went away on vacation as planned in the middle of this chaos, and each day we checked our e-mails her name was there. She would not only check in with us, but forward us letters of support from all of her friends. We cried as we read each letter from those we knew and those we'd never met. It was breathtaking to see the support she not only created, but inspired in people.

This weekend while visiting, I showed her pictures of a beautiful ethiopian baby boy. He is the son of our dear friend Marcia who is now in Ethiopia getting ready to bring him home. As we looked through photos of this gorgeous little man, I watched my Mom's eyes well up with tears. I looked at this strong woman who has fought long and hard for her grandchild, and it struck me that she loves them like we do. She loves my unknown baby with a fierceness that mirrors my own. She will do all she can to make sure my child is healthy and safe home with us. I know throughout this journey my Mother will be standing by our side and when we fall she will remain standing, waiting for us to get back up again and keep on fighting. She is truly extraordinary.

I love you mom.


  1. Thank you my darling daughter. You too will fight for your child, just wait & see!!! Love always Your Mom xoxo

  2. We're all hoping and praying for your baby to get here quickly and safely. I can't wait to babysit when you and Doug need an adults-only night - when your mom isn't on duty :)

  3. Jessa,
    What an incredible tribute to your one-of-a-kind Mother.
    I also want to take a minute to thank you for your thought filled comment/post on the board just a few minutes ago. I couldn't agree with you more and wish to thank you for posting your thoughts.

  4. Thanks Mom ♥

    Anya, You are first on our babysitting cal list! I know they will adore having such an amazing Aunt! ♥

    Ashleigh Thank you so much!! That means a great deal to me. x


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