Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Pink when I turn out the light, Pink it's like red but not quite"

Yesterday I commented to my husband that the stool I was redoing for Julia (our arthritic cat) was going to be pink, girly and fabulous! To which he responded "Our whole condo is girly". Ha! I'll show him girly. Yes, our condo has feminine features. There are no black leather couches, or wall of beer cans, but I wouldn't call it girlie.

The above however are très girly. I have always had an aversion to pink as it is my mother's favourite colour. My mom has wonderful taste, but I overdosed on pink as a young whipper snapper. Plus when your mom really likes something it tends to take the coolness out of it. I blame my Mom's spin cycling instructor for the recent demise of my love for Justin Timberlake. I just can't take him seriously after seeing her dance to Sexy Back.

These rooms look like cupcakes to me. The kitchen reminds me of Barbie's dream house in the best possible way. So sit back and enjoy the truly girly celebration in all of these rooms.
J xx


  1. My mouth is watering, these rooms are gorgeous! Bravo to those brave enough to do it!! I love your pink/red quote too.

  2. Thanks for everything you write and share. I think of your blog often as I go about my day.


  3. I will always love Justin. I even have a Justin Timberlake coffee table book. True story.

  4. The quote is from an Aerosmith song. ; )

    Thank you Heather! That means a great deal to me.xx

    Sarah, I have no idea what to say to that... ; ) I can't judge you though. because I have an old NKOTB coffee table book. I've had it since I was 12.

  5. Pink Rocks but you might notice there is very little pink left in our house! Perhaps it is coming back, perhaps it's time for a change???

  6. Mom, the day after I wrote this I picked up the new Elle Decor and there was an article stating that pink indeed was making a comeback. All shades are becoming popular again. I think like any colour if it's done right, as we can see from above the results can be stunning!! xxxx


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