Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toilet Troubles

Years ago while babysitting one of my favourite little men, I heard a quiet scratching coming from the bathroom. We were playing in the basement and I remember Henry in all his two year old braveness rushing to see what it was. I scooped him up and as calmly as possible said "lets leave that for when Mommy comes home." Yes, that was my game plan. I would leave whatever was making the odd noise for Mommy. I was a wimp. We continued to play on the floor, while I casually kept my eye on the bathroom. The scratching grew louder and louder, and I realized with horror the calls were coming from inside the toilet!

When his mom arrived home she told me it was just a drainage problem. It was old plumbing and the night before it had been dripping a lot. She confidently strode into the bathroom, while I stood 8 feet back in the playroom clutching Henry to me. She told me not to worry as she popped open the toilet lid to show me there was nothing in there.

As she lifted the lid we saw furry claws and two small black eyes peering up at us. There was a gigantic RAT in the toilet. To this day I always check the toilet before sitting down and can sadly no longer go to the bathroom in the dark. I now pass my phobia on to all of you, my loyal readers.

scratch, scratch, scratch...


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  1. That can really happen!?!? Gee, thanks a lot for sharing :P

  2. It happens often apparently in older houses...How old is your house again??
    It feels so good to bring others into my world of toilet terrors.

  3. OH. MY. GOD. I go to the bathroom in the dark in my 100 year old house all the time! Not anymore.

  4. This story will haunt you forever. I live in a condo on the third floor and I still can't bring myself to go with the light off. ; )

  5. Oh jeez.....thanks for the lifetime of checking the toilet before I go.....

  6. We lived in a basement suite for awhile (too long) and one fateful night when I went to the washroom, with lights on I heard the scratching coming from the bathtub. Nothing in the tub but as I leaned across the tub I could hear the scurrying feet throughout the walls. Didn't take long for the little devils to make their entrance into my house. Older houses have lost their charm.

  7. Especially in Vancouver. If you have an older house, you probably have uninvited little furry animals living with you. ; )

  8. Apparently I was in the middle of a move when you wrote this because I cannot believe that I missed this post - OMG!!! That is waaaay disgusting :S


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