Friday, June 4, 2010

When Sally Met Martha's Vineyard

Meg Ryan how you amaze me! Here I thought you were just a drippy ditzy romcom queen making bad movies for the viewing pleasure of saps across the globe, when really you are a design diva. You fooled me tricky lady!

Her home was featured in this month's Elle decor and to say I am head over heels in love with it is a grave understatement. I'm willing to trade Doug for a piece of the property. He's an expert bath tub cleaner and very gifted at cleaning the cat litter. Think it over. My people will be in touch.

This is a beautifully converted barn in Martha's Vineyard. It is light, airy, and she even puts room numbers on the guest room doors. Any one else want to marry Miss Ryan?

I was thrilled to find her home containing such simple elegance expressed through relaxed furniture and fantastic antique relics. It is the definition of tranquility. She is one celebrity who I would encourage to enter the world of design. She is very clearly gifted and I am thrilled she shared her home with all of us!

Have a wonderful weekend! Jxx


  1. It is, indeed, very beautiful...though I must say that I preferred the look of Aniston's home - to me that one seemed warmer, cozier, more earth-toned (which is a look that I love...though don't possess!). Meg Ryan's home, while beautiful in white....well, all I can think of is trying to keep that place clean with at least one young child running around. Maybe, having spent the better part of last night and today cleaning up my son's vomit, I am in the current mood of thinking that I will never own ANYTHING white again.



  2. Aw, poor you and the little man! I hope he feels better soon!! That's awful.

    It's interesting I have friends who have wonderful warm toned homes that I love, but I love living in white! We have an all white bedroom and it is my favourite room of the house. I feel like I can breathe in it. It sort of tastes like freedom to me. ; ) Our bedding is puked on at least once a week by one of our cats, but bleach thankfully does the trick!

    My girlfriend has an all white home (stunning!), and three kids and a dog. She has an ongoing love affair with bleach. I imagine I'll be upping my bleach consumption when the wee one comes along. ; )

    I hope everyone is healthier soon. xx

  3. Doug, if you ever do get traded for a piece of property, c'mon over to Manitoba. My bathtub needs cleaning, and I always procrastinate with the litter. The pay sucks though.

    Enjoyed the post Jessa, if for nothing else than the laugh I got with the trade-in comment :)

  4. Head-over-heels-in-love with Meg's home.

    Also in love with white. I've got white slipcovered couches and wouldn't trade them for anything. They get dirty fast but come clean in the washer with some detergent and hot, hot water.

  5. I did love the 'zen' look of Jen's home, but this one is so light and airy. I really like the windows in the eating/sitting area. Very pretty!


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