Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Roses & Poppies & Lilies Oh My!!

I have fallen in love! Featured in this month's Elle Decor UK, Nicolette Owen's place is divine. I love the flowers, I love the blue, I love the wooden floors throughout. There is an eclectic and scattered tranquility to her place I've never quite seen before.

Recently another design magazine had the heading "Is small the new big?". My breasts were thrilled at the idea. Breasts aside, it's a unique concept in homes. We often see space as our number one priority. As someone living in 750 sq feet I have a love of small spaces. When done right they maintain a charm and coziness hard to emulate in larger homes. When house hunting size hasn't been number one on my wish list. My list begins with charm, age, garden, and then size. Looking through her photos has once again endeared me to the luxury of a small space. It's enchanted me with it's magical allure.

Nicolette is a florist who works from her New York home, known for her unique and simple arrangements. She bought this place primarily due to the fact it had a garden. I think part of it's appeal is the floral and garden aspects she has intermingled inside as well.

"I like to use flowers the way other people use lighting: to create atmosphere and to change colour and mood." With that small quote she has articulated everything I love about having a house full of flowers. The non-committal, interchangeable beauty they allow us. The refreshing and timeless quality of silky petals and floral aromas.

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. You have totally inspired me to go out to my garden and cut some flowers to spruce the inside up. I love the colour outside I always forget to bring inside.

  2. "My breasts were thrilled at the idea." ha ha ha - Jessa you are the best! xo.

  3. Thanks girls!! ♥

    I feel like turning my house into a florist after seeing this place! Every now and then I find a home that I tuck away into my inspiration scrap book and this was definitely one of them.xx


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