Friday, July 9, 2010

Celebration Panties

Today we are #46!!!!!!!!! After two months of no news we finally have heard of two referrals. So exciting!

I posted this on facebook yesterday but I thought I'd share the giggle with you here. Yesterday in an unprecedented move, Odin our orange tabby casually sauntered out of our bedroom wearing my underwear. Then he proceeded to lounge around the living room like this was an every day occurrence. I have no idea how he got them on but his blasé attitude made for a fabulous sight.

It's days like this I wonder if our human child will be as delightfully peculiar as the rest of the inhabitants in this household. I sincerely hope so.

My favourite part in Disney's Beauty & The Beast is when Belle asks her Dad if he thinks she's odd? He comes out from under his invention with these large goggles and headgear and responds "My daughter? Odd? Where'd you get an idea like that?" I think it sums up our family perfectly. Odd is all of our middle names.

Incidentally, I once had a five year old ask me if I were Belle? It was pretty awesome. I said I was. Long brown hair, green eyes, loaner who spends all her time reading and talking to animals, mildly strange... It's an understandable mistake. God Bless children.

Happy weekend everyone!! xx

Thanks Priscilla for the wonderful picture!!


  1. Yay to #46!!!

    P.S. Cheers to being odd. I belong on the crazy train, too.

  2. You are so Belle.

    What a priceless photo! Oh Oden...

    I'm super-stoked about your new number. I hope the referrals start coming like water from a leaky dam.

  3. #46!!! That is awesome, congratulations!

    And again.. I said it on facebook and I'll say it here..

    Odin and his panties may be in my top 5 things my eyes have seen and read about.

  4. I love the cat in undies! Hilarious! That made my day :)

    Cheers to being #46! I wish...sitting somewhere around 118, I think...but glad the 2 referrals were for older girls, as that is what we asked for, so it knocks 2 out of our age range!

  5. I showed Mike the pictures of Odin on FB and quizzed me like nobody's business about how that cat got into them! I think Odin might have a little doggie in him if he's digging through your undies btw ;)

    Congrats on moving up the baby train! Your little one has no idea how blessed they are - soooooooo exciting!! xoxo.

  6. He's definitely one of a kind our little oddball.
    ; )

    Thanks for the congrats everyone! xx


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