Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cupcakes, My Forever Love

Some of you may remember earlier I posted about a stepping stool for our cat I was redoing. I said it was going to be girly, and Doug thought this was greatly amusing because apparently everything in our home is girly. Yes, that's the one. Well my little arthritic angel now has her fabulous girly stool that was revcovered in cupcake fabric. It bravely teeters on the line of tacky, but in spite of my awareness of that truth I adore it. It makes me smile when I glance down next to the bed each morning. It's hard to be sad when you see cupcakes first thing upon waking.

Julia loves the stool! They all do, it's become the hit of the cat world. Did I ever tell you my sister named her youngest daughter Julia, and I named my only female cat Julia? This was before meeting each other. Makes you think...

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday and that your eyes enjoy the feast above! I'm off to see Salt tonight, I'll let you know how it is!!




  1. oooh, pretty! I need to get the down low on how to paint furniture from you as I have a dresser in Isla's room that I want to paint white.

    Please do lettuce know about Salt!

    Oh, and now I want a cupcake xo

  2. I love it! It is so adorable! And just because we are married doesn't mean we can't let our girly sides show in our home d├ęcor. ;-)

  3. That's great. There IS something about a pretty cupcake that does something to a girl, doesn't it??!!

    I'm looking forward to your thoughts about Salt, too. I've heard it's pretty good and I've been deliberating trying to get out to see it.


  4. Lucky kittens! I don't think it's tacky, just precious :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Cupcakes really are a girls best friend.xxxx


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