Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Party Sweet Delights

Since I do not have a garden my "Garden Party" was more of an indoor/porch party with lots of food and flowers. This was a ton of fun to put together, easy, and tasty! I love this time of year if for the hydrangeas only! There were only four of us and it was nice quaint size for sandwiches and cupcakes!



  1. I love your glasses!!! And everything else, funny thing was I was looking at the top pic first and was all "that's so pretty".. then wait a sec.. I think I've been there before. I totally thought they were pic's from a mag or dream house.. looks great!!

  2. That looks lovely...and fun! Tell me that you didn't decorate those cupcakes!


  3. I LOVE your flag banner! Did you make it? I want one!!!

  4. Thanks Aly!! I'm so flattered you thought this was in a magazine. I wish!!! xx

    Ruth, no alas the cupcakes were purchased from Cupcakes downtown. Since it was the world cup finals Sunday I was cheap on time. I do love to make and decorate cupcakes though!

    Alicia, the bunting came from Etsy. I actually don't totally love the colours, however since it came from London in my mind it makes it super cool. I'm such a sucker for all things British! It was only $13 plus shipping. It is really easy to make if you have a sewing machine. Just scrap fabric and triangles. ; )


  5. Yummy those cupcakes look delicious. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  6. So lovely! I want one of those cupcakes.

  7. They were delish!! I wish I could take credit for making them. ; )


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