Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I've Always Wanted a Clothes Line

I have this fantasy. It's a lot less spicy than the one involving me, Bradley Cooper, and a peanut butter Parfait from Dairy Queen. This fantasy involves white linen with sunlight beaming down on it while it dries above my garden. When I take it off the clothes line it smells fresh and has that crisp feeling. Divine...

Since I only have a balcony this fantasy has been put on hold. I decided however to make a ribbon clothes line for the nursery. I had fun choosing paper to decoupage on the clothes pins and this is the finished result! I may just be craftier than I thought.I also finished the $1 table and chair my Mom rescued from a garage sale. I've also painted the highchair and dresser as well which I'll share another day.White paint is an addiction I'm not willing to give up anytime soon.I always hear "We're painting the roses red, painting the roses red" whenever I pull out a can of white paint. My sister once compared me to the white Queen in Alice in Wonderland and I think she may have been onto something.

The quote hanging in the middle is Albert Einstein "Try not to be a man of success, but a man of value."


  1. It's really lovely, Jessa. Way to go - the line, the table and chairs, everything!


  2. Aw, the little clothesline is too darn cute. Love the white table and chairs, too.

    Of course. :)

    I want to see the highchair and dresser!! Soon!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clothes line... That's great!

  4. That is pretty gosh darn crafty there Jessa! Look out or you'll be using up the crafts in the craft closet in no time ;) Very nice!

  5. i can't believe your mom got that table and chair for a buck! what a steal!

  6. Thanks everyone! I was pretty pleased about this one myself!

    Yea, $1. Not to shabby! I actually got my favourite living room chair from the same sale for free. I'll share that some day. ; )



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