Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Dream House

Doug and I have been casually contemplating selling our condo and buying a house for the last year or so. I've rather given up on finding the "dream house" for a few reasons. The most important being we live in Vancouver. Unless you've looked for real estate here it's hard to explain just how pricey everything is. For a mild comparison we've discovered we could trade our Vancouver condo for a small nice Toronto house.

We've still continued to look though and have actually found a few that were almost right for us. I have a couple things that are must haves for our house and a few things that are definite bonuses. It must have hardwood floors. That's nonnegotiable. I'm fine with them being crappy, in fact I'd be thrilled to paint them white, but they must be there. We have three cats and I'm allergic to them all. Yes, I know that makes me bonkers. I'm also asthmatic. Cleaning hardwood is easy and efficient. They float my boat. My other must have is a garden. I want land. The final must have is light quality. We live in a cloudy city so I like as much natural light as I can get.

The above are photos of my dream homes. Things I'd have if I caught that little lucky charm leprechaun. Conservatory, claw foot tub, large bay windows... Pure Bliss.

The five photos directly above are pictures of a dream house in the running. It would require the alignment of certain planets to pull this house out of the hat but it's something we're seriously considering.

Now that I've shared my dream home, tell me what is in yours?


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  1. Having moved from Vancouver to Winnipeg in the past five years, I can well relate to the difficulty of finding affordable housing there of a type that's appealing.

    The pics above are spectacular. What's not to love??

    My dream home. Well, that's a great question and I don't know if I have an answer worked out. I quite love most bits of my home here, though it's missing a few things that I really wish we had money to invest in at the moment (hardwood floors being #1 on my wish list). Hopefully, bit by bit, we'll be able to make some of those changes.

    I sure wish you good luck in finding what you want. It'll be worth the wait when you finally find it!


  2. Hardwood floors are amazing! I don't think I could ever go back to carpet now to be honest. Your backyard is gorgeous! Your backyard is definitely dreamy. ♥

    We're 95% convinced we should make an offer on the green house above... My finger is itching to phone our Realtor. The home is being rented as a vacation rental and we would keep the main floor as one, and live on the upper two floors. It's really tempting!!

    It's a bit nerve racking because we'd be landlords to the basement, and business owners for the main floor. We'd be going from a 750 sq foot condo to a 2400 sq foot house. Even though we'd only occupy half of that it's exciting and daunting at the same time.


  3. Go for the house, go for the house!

    It looks like it has so much potential to be your dream home!

    Architecture of exterior: love.
    Garden potential: love.
    Exposed brick: love.
    Size: love.
    Hardwood: love.
    Charm: love.

  4. House House House!!!! It is a steep learning curve but you can do it! Yay garden/outdoor living room! Yay clothesline! Yay hardwood! Vancouver heritage homes are the dreamiest! You could even have a backyard coop!

  5. I've called the Realtor... The tricky part would be ensuring we make enough off the sale of our condo. This is much more expensive than we intended. We'll see what he says and then hopefully our place sells!!


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