Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Where the Forest Fairies Live

If you're feeling at all gloomy this Tuesday I promise the above photos will help you with your melancholy mood. A very brilliant woman turned a small hunting cabin into this stunning Victorian cottage. I am in utter awe of her talents. After reading her blog and discovering she's not only an incredible designer but also rather shy and modest, I am even more excited to share her lovely masterpiece. I have a soft spot for humility and one day I may even acquire some myself.

This truly is an extraordinary cottage. There are few words to describe something so delicate and when I look through these photos I feel I'm exploring something magical. There is no kitchen or bathroom even, which somehow makes it all the more spectacular. It is so tiny and dreamy, much like the artist herself who designed it.


Sandra's beautiful blog :

NyTimes slide show:


  1. Oh, sweet Jessa how I have missed your lovely blog postings (and thankful that you share other peoples beautiful posts)! I am so glad that you are home safe and sound and trust that your vacation was amazing - you and Doug look so happy!

    In case you have not heard you are an amazing artist with an incredible eye and a sensible dose of humility and modesty to boot :)

  2. You are way too sweet!!! Thank you so much. You are a ray of sunshine as always. That made my whole week!! ♥ xxxx

  3. Adorable but not sure how practical it is without a toilet...I certainly couldn't live in it...maybe in my dream world!

  4. Practical no... Enchanting, yes. ; ) xx


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