Friday, August 6, 2010

Bedroom Treasure

The cat isn't new but since he was so excited to have his picture taken I felt he should be included in the post. My new bedroom treasure is the .50 cent tray I found at a garage sale in Portland. It's a good thing I like garage sales since our adoption agency is currently determined to bleed us dry ($#%%&#). As such, I'm loving all bargains ten times as much lately!

I know the tray is in every seniors home across the country but I still love it. It's brought some warmth to our room and I've loved playing around with displays on it. I could spend hours rearranging things like this. It's one of my favourite stress busters! Doug bought me a necklace from Tiffany's last year and the box was my favourite part. I'm a bit like a child, I just want to play with the box! It was exciting though since it was the first piece of jewelry he'd ever purchased for me. I used my Grandma's engagement ring, so he was off the hook for any ring shopping. I do love the necklace and I even framed the bag as well!

Any one else planning on going to garage sales this weekend?

Happy Friday!! Jxx


  1. It fits in so well. I'd like to take credit for getting you to that garage sale with my sketchy GPS skills.

  2. Yes, I do owe your unique Gps skill for this find!! ; )


  3. ok, this is seriously one of the most beautiful blogs i have seen lately and i am so followin´!!!

    thank you for visiting mine =D


  4. Wow!!! You just put the biggest smile on my face this morning! Thank you Nuit!! I'm going to float through the rest of the day on clouds... Thank you again and welcome to La Belle Vie!!

    Jessa xx


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