Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Key To My Heart

The key to my heart is anything organized, vintage, or cute. My husband has a habit of coming home and taking over the living room with his work gear, biking gear, and general man crap. His keys and wallet are the bane of my existence right after adoption agencys, germs, and people who lick their fingers while eating. *shudder*

Imagine my thrill when I found this key cupboard at the Sally Ann in the bargain basement for $2! Love at first sight. First it was sterilized and rid of all germs. Then it was painted white, and an old skeleton key from an antique store was attached. I failed to photograph it in all it's glory but it was black with a gold border, and had the mums on the front. It was endearingly old looking, but we all know I can't resist painting things white!

The very best part about it is the man actually uses it!! I know, it's a thrill!!

Sally Ann you once again win my undying love. You are quite the dame.



  1. Love it! I dream of finding a ring of antique skeleton keys, and also that they work in all the doors here (especially the bathroom)!

    Also I am sending you hugs and more hugs.

  2. That would be amazing!! I have an addiction to skeleton keys. My mom actually found a fantastic large set at the dollar store in Sidney!! I love them.

    Thank you also for the hugs! I am taking all the hugs I get this week. I'm starting to go stress bonkers. Doug referred to me a pitbull today while I was e-mailing our agency. I guess I'm finding my "adoption balls".

    Thank you again, you are awesome!!! xxxxxxxx

  3. Excellent idea! Bravo to your husband for using the sweet key storage you created!
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and I am so happy that you enjoy it!
    Have a blessed weekend!


  4. Thank you so much!! Your blog truly is magnificent!!



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