Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitchen Reno by Utter Amateurs

The Postage Stamp Kitchen
The West Wing.
The counter-top matches my bedroom in 1989.
Those black marks are not dirt they are damage. The floor is 13 years old, and when we bought it 4 years ago the floors looked like this. The good news is they haven't gotten any worse from us. The bad news is they're ugly.
The Project : To Make This Kitchen charming.

The Inspiration. Isn't it lovely?

Doug is off work Sept 4th - 10th. We have contemplated long and hard what to do with our time... Our options were:

1. Fly to New York for a few days.
2. Drive up to Whistler and do a couples spa retreat.
3. Stay home and renovate the kitchen.

What lunatics would choose option 3? You're looking at them! In our defense we would rather do New York on a larger budget, and since this was completely unplanned we (Doug) need more time to afford the decadence of NYC. Plus, I figure our first trip there will be the one that needs to sell Doug on my relocation plan for us. I've already chosen our neighbourhood and apartment building, so I'm pretty invested. Our neighbours will be a theater directer and his beautiful actress wife who have fabulous parties and a grand piano. I haven't decided yet if they have kids or a cute small terrier. Either way it's going to be pretty awesome, if I can just convince my man to move. Fortunately, Doug is in finance so his career may drag him there with very little help from his scheming wife. If all else fails I figured I'd just pack up our stuff,leave him a plane ticket on the counter with a note and address that says "Don't be late, dinner is waiting". It's important to have a plan b.

For September though New York will have to wait. Renovation is the name of the game!
As you can see our kitchen is the size of a small bathroom. This may shock those of you outside of Vancouver, but those living in Vancouver will find nothing alarming about this. It is "condo sized". That sounds so much better than dinky.

I have no plans to tile it. The only way I would want it tiled is if it was done in vintage black and white, or robin's egg blue. I love hardwood in the kitchen. This is arguably less practical, but so am I. We decided to do the counter as well (thank heavens!). It's ok to admit the counter is obscenely ugly. It was hard to choose a paint colour in there with the pink/grey/black colour scheme. I am so excited to see it gone!

My plan today is (be aware by tomorrow it may be a completely new plan), is to match our hardwood into the kitchen for flooring and put in wood counter-tops! Our research has told us that wood has become more durable over the years for the kitchen, plus it's cute. I think it has a ton of warmth and European charm which will match the rest of our home nicely. My second choice was stainless steel, but our appliances are crappy, I mean white. Actually they are white and crappy. White I like, but the dishwasher requires us to wash our dishes by hand first which seems counter productive to owning a dishwasher.

Next weekend we purchase the supplies!! On Monday I'll update you as to the final choices. The following Monday the madness begins! The following Monday after that I'll have run away to New York to hide from the disaster we have made in our kitchen.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Jessa xx



  1. Good luck with the renos! I can't wait to see the updates ;)

  2. So exciting! I couldn't afford a real kitchen reno but this spring I replaced the counters, cabinet hardware, and sink/tap. The counters seriously make SO much difference, even with my boring white melamine cabinets. Jealous that you're doing wood - it will look awesome. I have old wood floors in my kitchen and love them... not only do they look good but they are very forgiving when you have the dropsies. Have fun and can't wait to see the after pics!!!

  3. I can't wait to see the photos. What an exciting project. Love your inspiration photo too. I just installed wood floors in my kitchen when we renovated...and we love them. They have been very practical...and easy to keep clean. I highly recommend them.

  4. A renovation is a lot of work but so nice because the kitchen is where people spend the most time...At least at my house...Good luck and post pictures! Following you also...

  5. Echoing everyones "cannot wait to see" sentiments!! We redid our cabinetry/countertops when I was 8 months preggo with The Bean and everyone actually survived :)

  6. Oooh, I love kitchen makeovers. We're just doing ours (on my blog, if you fancy a peek!) and it's haaaaard work but SO worth it!

    I love your blog - I've only just found it!
    I'll definitely be back!

  7. Thank you!! I'm going to check out your blog now!!
    ; )xx


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