Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sally Anne & I

There is nothing more exciting to me than getting a shirt for $1.99, or some delicious decor item for a mere $2.99. 85% of my wardrobe is second hand and the majority of things in my home come from garage sales, flea markets, and the salvation army. I can be insanely cheap.

Being thrifty has it's freedom. I am able to redo an entire room for under $100 easily, and with that affordability the constant 'ants in my pants design syndrome' I am afflicted with is easily satisfied. Thriftiness also keeps Doug's throbbing head vein at bay. I sometimes wish my forehead had more veins, it seems to be a good tool for getting people to obey you.

These are my salvation army salvation shopping purchases. I've recently started collecting china plates. I do have an entire china set that I love, but I'm enjoying collecting various designs. There is something delightful about a pretty floral plate that reminds me of english tea parties in the 1800.

I was thrilled to find this silver plate holder for $5! A little bit of silver polish and it sparkled again. The yellow flower plates I found in the bargain basement of the salvation army. It's true, our salvation army has a basement full of "junk" aka. a patient shoppers paradise. I found three of them and bought them all for $3. I love a bargain!

I've been told china is a thing of the past and no one uses it anymore (except seniors and myself). Do you have china? Do you use it regularly?

Happy Tuesday! J xx


  1. I DO have a set of china that I use - but only very occasionally - like, once or twice a year. I inherited the set from my grandma, and it's not complete, but has enough for me to use on the occasions that I feel like pulling it out.

    I also have a set of something that I think of as tea or dessert china. Basically it's a simple set of smaller plates, a number of cups and saucers, and a couple of teapots. I'd use this if I had someone over for coffee/tea in the afternoon, or if we had people over for just dessert some evening.

    And then I have eight (I think) mis-matched china tea cups and saucers that my mother-in-law gave us about a year before she died. They're not in the greatest shape, but once in a while, I'll pull one of those out if I'm having a cup of afternoon tea by myself. I won't give them away simply because they came from someone who was quite dear to me.

    I also have a set of real silver flatware - a wedding gift from my grandparents 15-16 years ago. They're nice and all, but I use them very rarely, to be honest - I'm not sure why.

    I inherited by grandma's dining room table, china cabinet and buffet. Though it's quite an old fashioned set and may not be what I would choose if I had money to buy something, the set is sentimental for me and it also has room to house my china...which is rather convenient!

    It's a lovely tradition, I think!


  2. I love your thriftiness Jessa and your tea sets are wonderfully mismatched! I had china on our wedding registry but apparently no one thought it appropriate, and we still haven't even completed our flatware 7 years later.

    I did buy some fine some bone china serving platters at Winner's(because I also enjoy a bargain!) They are all white so they go with any dishes even if I change them all and in all seasons throughout the year.

  3. I inherited china from my grandmother, and do use it for holiday dinners. I display her tea cup collection as well. An old set of daffodil dishes (not quite china, but pretty) gets used a few times a year (they were purchased by my father-in-law for his parents when he was young). I never have enough room for all these things, but I love pieces with history, and would not easily let them go! Most of my furniture started out somewhere else as it the formica kitchen table and chairs from my great-uncle, the 50s dining set from my great-grandma, my vintage piano, passed-down bedroom sets from various eras, etc. I have a great collection of vintage hats formerly belonging to my husbands grandmother...but need a good way to display them.

  4. Wow! I"m thrilled to know I'm not alone in my love of china!

    Ruth I also think it's a lovely tradition and I too have a hand me down china cabinet and dining room table. I love it though!

    Alicia, Winners is the best!!! I bought my niece a tiny china butterfly tea set there for $19! We'll have to a Winner's shopping spree one day. ; )

    Joy, I love the sound of daffodil dishes! How pretty!! Vintage hat display... I may have to look up display idea now! They sound wonderful!!



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