Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Breaking The Law Canadian Style

I have been harboring an illegal crib for months it seems. After some vague responses from various employees I was finally told the clear and cut truth about my crib. This crib is not being recalled, however my crib is. My little bit of heaven in our nursery somehow made it through the system and into this country despite canopy cribs being banned by Health Canada. My crib may be the single most rebellious thing I have ever done. I sorta wish I would have known sooner so I could really revel in the naughtiness of it all.

I was laughing hysterically when they told me my crib was the only recall. I mean, come on! Truly this is hilarious. Hilarious with a small side of tears. One recall and it happens to be mine? Ah, if I wasn't so in love with it I would still be on the floor giggling.

I was very nice to both people I spoke to and while I strongly believe in manners, I'm sort of thinking I need to try my luck and see if I can at least get a baby bumper out of the deal. I'm horrible at bargaining or being a disgruntled customer but I may give it a whirl. I'm actually a pretty big wuss at heart, but damn I think they can throw in a little something extra for the headache. I would even settle for the little lamb rug I've been waiting to order. The crib I'm leaning towards will require a new bumper actually so it's not a crazy request. They phone again tomorrow so we'll see! I'm planning to be all "balls to the wall" as the say. Which on me translates to a lot of ahem- if it's not too much trouble- I'm sorry for asking. In the end I'll probably be apologizing to them for ordering the illegal crib in the first place!

My three top choices are above and I'll give you a hint at my favourite ; Neither my mom or Doug particularly love it. Doug is coming around though since we've looked at similiar photos in context of a vintage nursery. Any guesses? Sadly it's likely the one you like the least!

Happy Hump Day!! J xx

Images form Restoration Hardware Baby & Child


  1. #4 :) Really, I have absolutely no idea. You usually surprise me with what you like, so I figure just closing my eyes and pointing is the best option.

    So what do I win?

  2. I love that you guessed! There only three cribs though (the rest were the RH photos with said crib in a designer nursery). I'm thinking you mean picture 4, so I'm noting your guess. If your guess is right I'll see if Restoration Hardware will throw in a second crib for you! I think I should just go for it and ask for thousands of dollars worth of stuff. Maybe a new couch as well. Go big or go home right? ; )

  3. You need to go with your own gut but I wanted to let you know first so you can make the best decision for you. I bought these really expensive bumpers I loved. My doctor did not recommend them for air flow in the crib so I ended up getting really paranoid being the 1st time parent that I was and took them out. So I wasted tons of $. However, so many babies (myself included) have bumpers in there crib. My son did get his leg stuck in-between the bars without bumpers once.

  4. I know, I know! #2!! But I love them all. xo

  5. They are all lovely. I am wondering if you might be thinking of crib #2 (pics 3 & 4)? Although it's quite a bit different than your canopy, so maybe not. (For the record, though, I would pick #2...but again, they are all truly lovely).

    (Aside: I've also read about bumpers not being recommended - but I believe that is more for children under 12 months, where bumpers, blankets, stuffed toys, etc. are all controversial due to suffocation risks...but I see them in people's pics all the time, so I'm guessing it's not a hard and fast least yet).

  6. I can see for suffocation absolutely. We never gave that much thought since the youngest we had anticipated was 6 mths. However, now that I'm thinking they may be closer to two it's a bit unnecessary especially since they may just use them to help climb out of the crib! Hmmm....

    Joy, when I was looking at the cribs my eyes kept veering back to the canopy one. I figured for all of the above I had to go completely different or I'd get desperate and start building my own canopy! I still like my crib better than the alternatives, but the above are pretty good options. ♥

  7. hahaha!! I love that you all have guessed the same crib! hmmm... You all must think you know me pretty well. ; ) xx

  8. I love the first one.
    A little envious that I won't have a crib.
    Right now we have a wee toddler bed in the corner of our bedroom with a bigger one (in pieces) underneath our bed.
    Yes, we need to move to a two bedroom.
    Soon, very soon.

  9. When do you think you will be moving? Our two bedroom is technically a 1 bedroom plus den. For Vancouver though? Our den is huge!! Well... Maybe not huge but definitely big enough. ; )

  10. I'm guessing it's the metal framed one... ;)

    Definitely ask for the bedding. All they can do is say no and you'll just be in the same spot. Channel some Aunt Lydia!

  11. I'm gonna guess/suggest strongly ;) that whatever crib you get is a convertable! On our childrens 2nd b-days we moved them out of their crib and in to the delicious big kid beds we bought designed by Hooker!! So I am going with the lovely crib pictured in the first two photographs despite my heart on for number 3 :)

  12. Anya, I'm totally channeling my mother and yours for this!! ; )

    Alicia, We do have a conversion kit for the crib we have now, however we're not going to order one with the new one. We have a couple of reasons for this odd move. The biggest one being none of the cribs we like will convert well for a little boys room and we are likely getting a boy. On the off chance we do have a daughter I will be marching out and buying her a canopy toddler bed (which is legal) in the country for us both to enjoy! ; )xx

  13. I like the 1st or 2nd one best. I remember buying a beautiful bumper from Pottery Barn and then reading that dr.'s don't recommend them at all due to poor airflow, suffocation and SIDS risks. So, we never used them at all. What we did buy were special washable mesh crib guards that went all the way down the sides so Nick's legs didn't get stuck through the bars. We bought them because we woke to screaming one night and Nick's leg was sticking out and all twisted. Here's a link to a page that shows the one we got. They aren't conducive to a lovely, vintage nursery, but we loved them.

  14. Oh my heart is aching just LOOKING at these cribs! I can't decide!!

    I'm so sorry the one you loved was recalled! What a crock!

  15. Thank you Claire for the great link!! I *think* we are going to do a low mesh baby bumper, just to prevent the legs getting stuck. I have no idea how old our bambino is going to be so I'm going to wait and see before I purchase anything. I love that idea though!! Whoever though of that was definitely a genius!

    SIF Thank you so much. I love your blog so much and I am so thankful for your support. You are incredible!


  16. I meant to say their not there!! Yikes, I am terrible at editing even when I know better. Terrible!! It is my struggle for some reason. I'm embracing it :)


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