Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Date Night With Someone Special

Saturday night I had the good fortune to spend some long over due quality time with an intelligent, funny, beautiful, and most of all modest woman named me. I mean Jessa. What I mean to say is I'm referring to myself. I may have been playing it a little loose with the word intelligent.

I spent the entire evening wining and dining myself. I should specify the wining involved drinking half a glass of wine. Actually, it wasn't even wine it was a wine cooler. I'm not much of a drinker, but somehow my usual milkshake just didn't seem appropriate. I like wine glasses though. I drink water from one all day long just for the fact it seems a bit more eventful.

The thing about date night with yourself is it is not the same as a spa day or a slumber party with yourself. Wow, it just occurred to me I'm a bit of a loner. Either that or I like myself a little too much. Moving on though, the important thing about date night is to treat it like a date. This means getting dressed up, making or going out for a nice meal, and spending time savoring the conversation. You may be surprised by what finds it's way into your head as you treat yourself to decadence. Date night is a chance to appreciate yourself. We often seek appreciation and love from others without expecting the same amount of support from ourselves. I think it's imperative to enjoy our own company and our own space. More than just even enjoying it, to make a point of celebrating it.

I felt a little more grounded and a little more at peace with myself after spending some time nurturing my body and soul. I should also divulge that cooking in my new kitchen has become the high point of every day. I may have to open a bakery with all the bread and pastry I have on the go!

Lots of love, Jessa xx


  1. that sounds like a good thing to do!!!! by the way, i would love some of your baking if you find you have too much to eat at your house!! xo

  2. Any time you're in Vancouver I will happily pack up cakes and cookies for you. ; ) xx

  3. I love that you do this for yourself (also that you drink water from a wine glass!). Learning the fine art of self-appreciation, this one is a life lesson for me, thanks Jessa.

  4. That sounds like a dream...something I should really commit to doing in the near future. Glad you are enjoying your kitchen.

  5. That sounds amazing lady! Good fro you!

    And I think you may have convinced me that I need a date night with myself too!

  6. Thanks every one! The most important relationship of your life is the one you have with yourself. ♥


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