Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Effortless Fashion : The Miss J. Alba Issue

I've yet to cover celebrity fashion because they often appear so contrived and uninspired. There are a few celebrities I regularly check in on though who time and time again continually hit the mark. I wouldn't call myself fashion obsessed, (but my husband might!). I was raised by a woman who always looked presentable and who rarely bought new clothes, so I don't believe it costs a lot of money to be stylish. I'm VERY price conscious. I love looking for inspiration from magazines, tv shows, movies, and runways, and then searching out my own cheap version. It might not be quite as stunning as the original, but I find I can tailor it be more me and that is invaluable.

This celebrity has an effortless style I adore. Granted, I suspect you could throw a burlap sack on her with some tar and feathers and she'd still look unbelievable! I find she always looks appropriate, young, and sophisticated. Jessica Alba, you are as stylish and you are gorgeous!


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  1. It definitely helps to be skinny when it comes to clothes, trust me.

  2. she has great style! I love Jessica.... my favorite outfits are always the femenine ones... with flowers and ruffles, Luvs!

  3. I am admittedly very ignorant about size as I've always been fairly thin... I guess in that regard clothing has always been fairly easy for me.I do find it rather sad that there isn't much variance throughout hollywood history in body types. Hollywood and fashion are so intermingled, it would do them all well to explore a larger variety of body types, and would definitely make it more interesting.

    Nuit, I agree I love her feminine looks! She has such a girlish yet age appropriate sense of style.


  4. That woman is just gorgeous! I seriously envy her too... I am so lacking any real fashion sense though! ;)

  5. Money definitely does not buy you style - in fact in certain cases it just seem to highlight bad taste. She looks gorgeous, but I have to agree with anikay, a lovely, simple and tasteful outfit of jeans and a vest/t-shirt only works if you're very slim. If you aren't you'll always have to try that little bit harder... Love from London x


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