Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open Shelves & Honest Thoughts

I love open shelves! I begged Doug to knock down all our shelving and just have open shelves but he gently reminded me that practicality is also important in a kitchen. I sometimes forget our kitchen is roughly the size of a bathroom just with a slightly bigger sink. In our next home though if our kitchen is bigger I'm going for it! Plus it inspires diligent home organization. The ones above are my absolute favourites!! I want to spend the day baking in all of these kitchen. Today I'm attempting my first loaf of french bread in mine! I've never made french bread before but my kitchen is begging for the opportunity!

I also want to make a quick comment about my blog... Yesterday I received a rather unpleasant comment that has since been removed and while I will not respond to it specifically I do want to make it clear I write this blog for me. This is a blog about infertility and adoption as told through someone both adopted and adopting. I haven't promised anyone a rose garden and if I want to vent about all the crap our agency has gone through, or our crib being recalled, or even that scene in Julie and Julia where Meryl Streep breaks down after learning her sister is pregnant (makes me cry everytime!) I will. This is how I cope and if it upsets you please don't read it. Also keep in mind the very sweet man I married who is in this with me. Mr. La Belle Vie is also struggling through the setbacks and he doesn't need to read comments that belittle his feelings any more than I do. This is our journey, and I implore anyone who feels either uncomfortable reading it, or that they can cope better than us to absolutely start their own blog! This one is mine though and it will continue to be a self indulgent, emotional little whirl wind that is all me... The power of having your own blog is quite a rush let me tell you!

Have a great day! Jxx

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  1. I do enjoy the look of open shelves - and then I always wonder about all the little odds and ends I have that would not look right, or the differences in how various household members would put things away (because I am not the primary user of my kitchen...although I am the primary decorator), or know, in regard to less-frequently-used items. Maybe that is more of an issue in a 4-pet household. But they sure do look pretty in magazine pictures!

    (Oh, and I for sure don't get blog negativity - you certainly can express yourself however you like - and re: yesterday's post - objects become very symbolic in a process like this, and so it makes lots of sense that an event in relation to an object can be associated with all kinds of strong feelings, and what it all represents to you. And I bet lots of folks experience some catharsis through reading your own honest expressions). So there you have it.

    Enjoy dreaming of open shelves :)

  2. Thank you Joy! That really is that. ♥ This a blog about my reality and that's all there is to it. I'm not going to sugar coat any of my feelings here in order to spare anyone the trouble of reading my struggles. The simple solution is they don't have to read any of it. Attacking me is simply not going to be tolerated. I definitely have my days and will continue to have many more days before this is over. Won't we all? ; )

    Thank you Alicia ♥, and thank you for your help yesterday! xx

  3. Those pictures are beautiful! It made me happy just looking at them. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. They are wonderful aren't they. I love how they inspire baking! xx

  5. Meh, people can be idiots for sure. I didn't read the comment, but I've had them, too -- lame-o 40 year old unemployed losers trolling blogs from their Moms' basements. Not even worth the time to get mad about it.

    Totally love the shelves, but I also fear (like Joy) that I could never pull the look off. My kitchen is full of doors for a very good reason! One day, in my next life, I will be all minimalist and organized, the sort of girl who uses a glass, then washes, dries and puts it away. One day... :)

  6. Thank you Gwen! This may sound silly but it honestly feels nice to know I'm not the only person to get a mean adoption comment. Completely selfish on my part, but it feels nice to know I'm not alone. I deleted the comment from my e-mail earlier today and I'm no longer wasting any energy on it! I am however now moderating my comments, and no longer accept anonymous. I figure the least someone can do is go through the trouble of setting up a false alias in order to insult me. ; )

    Yes, open shelves are a challenge! I love them so much though. My ocd loves them. ♥ Ideally I would like open shelves on the top and doors on the bottom. sigh... One day for sure! xx

  7. Too funny! I was just griping on the community about how much I loathe my kitchen (it's the only room in the condo I haven't remodeled yet, and it is a PIT!) and the number 1 recommendation I got was to go for open shelves! I had never even thought to do that, but I think you all may have me convinced now! ;)

  8. I love open shelves!! If I had my choice we would axe the top cupboards and just keep the bottom ones with doors. I love this look!

  9. Aw, I'm sorry to hear you had a not-nice comment. Don't they know the rule? If you can't type anything nice, don't type anything at all.

    Wow! That was lame!


    I think that this is your place to be who you are and anyone who doesn't like it can go and spend their time elsewhere.

    P.S. I am now able to read your site. Yeah! More annoying comments to follow!!!

  10. I have missed you Sarah!! I'm so glad you are back. ♥
    And no that was not lame at all! I am glad I deleted it though and the good news is I'm pretty sure they are gone now!! Yay!!


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