Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our New Crib Is....!

I think everyone guessed correctly! I must be more transparent than I thought! I'm not in love with it yet, but I'm sure once it is here I'll be happy.

Remember how I was going to be a lion on the phone? Ferocious and aggressive? Well my roaring was more of a small pitiful whimper. I cried. Embarrassing to admit but it's true. I actually cried on the phone. Thankfully the man helping me was very nice and had two children and a foster son at home so he said he understood completely. I'm still a little red faced to have cried to some stranger. Yes, this poor guy had to listen to me explain our longing to be parents and how our adoption agency went bankrupt last year and it's been bad news ever since. I would be even more embarrassed had he known I was still in my pajamas lying in bed after rehearsing my fearless speech and customer demands to three rather confused cats. Wimped out doesn't begin to cover it! Although the cookie dough I'm currently inhaling is making me feel a little better.

We are getting a refund as well for shipping, tax, and surcharges. With this refund I am now ordering the shag rug and lamb. The crib we want is on back order (naturally), so it won't be here until the end of October. I am not keen to look at my dream crib for that long, so I think I'll be closing the door for now. My dear husband admitted that as it is he winches every time he walks by the room. I'm sure imagine clients will relate when I say, remember how we were gong to having 10 referrals a month by now? Seems a lifetime ago. The good news is I'm going to have fun decorating the nursery with the new crib! I love to design so this will be a fun challenge. I'm trying not to think of the fact I will now have had two cribs and no baby. I think I'm going to make some more cookie dough.

I know this will pass and had the timing not been during a month where we seem to be going nowhere in our adoption this might not have stung so bad. During a month with ten referrals maybe it would roll off me a little easier. Or a month with any referrals to be honest. Hopefully next month is chalked full of good news and this crib will seem like a silly little memory in the face of a bright future!

Thank you everyone for your input and support! You all made this so much easier. Also thank you for all your ideas and suggestions. I sincerely appreciated them!!

Here's to October blowing our socks off with referrals, court dates, and visas!!



  1. That lamb rug is both hilarious and adorable. I love it!
    How big is it?

    I'm crossing my fingers that October is an awesome month for you guys :)

  2. Isn't it?! It think it looks like something a kid (me) might want to snuggle. I'll probably have worn it out before the little guy even gets to use it!

    Thank you for your support! You are awesome and loving as always. xx

  3. ooops forgot! The size is very small. 24" sq., 3-1/2"H. It will be on the bigger rug for extra plushness. ♥

  4. I love the new crib...and it will be beautiful in your nursery! I think about you all the time and can't wait to hear some good news!!!

  5. Thank you so much!! That means a great deal to me.♥ I hope to have good news to share soon! As in, sometime before I'm 80. ; ) xx

  6. Yay! Great choice. And yes, go ahead and close that door for now. We actually dis-assembled our nursery in the summer, thinking that if we do public adoption of older kids it might look a bit strange to have a baby nursery ready & waiting. But guess what? I miss it...although we (meaning, my helpful husband) just got around to washing the baby clothes that had been up there (long story - but some renos & whatnot got to the clothes) - now they are hanging on the drying rack in the kitchen, and I'm not sure I like that - he held up a few little things last night, and it actually bothered me (and yes, being bothered surprised me a little). What a yo-yo, roller coaster this process is.

  7. Oh my gosh Joy, I completely understand being bothered by that. I have thought of just taking the refund and turning the nursery into a writing room for the time being, but I think I would miss it as well. Actually I think if we did that it would be me saying enough is enough I'm done.

    You are so right this is a major yo-yo roller coaster ride! I really hope we all get news soon. These waits are becoming shockingly long. xx

  8. this post and the last one so made me laugh!!! Who knew you were being so rebellious trying to be the only one with a canopy crib in Canada!

    I also laugh at you crying on the phone to the guy at the store. I have been there. It is great that he was understanding and that you got your lamb rug out of the deal!

    I think the crib suits your style and the room beautifully!

  9. I think crying on the phone is underrated and everyone should do it more often!

    Also the crib is real purdy. xoxo

  10. I might just be Canada's biggest rebel now that Conrad Black is gone. ; )

    Yes, crying on the phone. Not something I do often (ever) so it felt pretty good. ; ) The crib is growing on me! I do like it, I just prefer the one we have. ♥

  11. The one you picked is my favourite out of the three. So vintage-y and sweet!

    I think it will look perfect with all of your other white accessories. Can't wait to see more pictures!

  12. Totally unrelated but I found this online store and am in love.

    I thought of you and thought you might like it:

  13. Thank you! I do love it and I think once the canopy is gone and the new one is here I will love it. In fact I'm loathe to admit I'm actually getting pretty excited about it! ; )

    I am in love with that store!!! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!! The best part is that it's also reasonably priced, what are the odds? I am totally spending the next couple of hours there gawking. Thank you so much!!! xx

  14. Hello,

    Katrina told me about you. I love reading your blog (and you must come give me some direction in my decorating! If I'm not to ashamed to let you in my house.)

    Thank you for sharing your heart on your blog. I read your post and just thought, I have yet to sob on the phone to a stranger about how hard this adoption process is, but I know exactly how you feel! My heart is there with you.

    I like your phrase 'I'm not mentally ill, I'm adopting' It just seems to capture the experience.

  15. Nice to meet you Cammy! Katrina has told me lots about you and I have been thinking of you quite a bit lately. We will have to get together sometime and commiserate over this process. ; ) xx


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