Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reno Update

We're not quite finished but I thought I would share some previews until tomorrow when I can photograph the finished product. Aside from a few rogue tiles and some grouting we actually finished on time! We even decided we still want to be married to each other which is important to note. Also important to note, I will NEVER tile again. EVER. There is a very good reason professionals get paid to do that. I think I'm more of a power drill kind of gal.

You will never again witness my kitchen in such a state, and the fact I'm sharing this with you is an important step in our relationship.

I love our new counter! I usually have buyers remorse for everything, but this counter has won my heart. The only problem is it's too pretty to be near food.

No kitchen reno is complete without some accessories! The fabric is for my make shift curtain under the sink. I don't have a clue how to sew despite owning two sewing machines, so I'll have to take it to a seamstress. Sewing machines scare me more than power drills.

I'm ending with the lovely bouquet of flowers my amazing girlfriend brought me! I wouldn't want you to leave this blog thinking of my chaotic kitchen. Instead lets all feast our eyes on the white hydrangeas and yellow calla lilies.



  1. Was the countertop already stained and sealed or did you have to do it yourself? Looks great, and yes too pretty to be close to food, prep is gonna be a bitch! :)

    Getting super excited now!



  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished producet and I do love the countertops too!!

  3. Things are looking quite promising - look forward to the big reveal!

  4. lol! I tried to use some crappy photo's so that it will look surprisingly good. ; )
    I'm actually really nervous to reveal it... eeek!

  5. Alicia, we sealed the counter ourselves. It was very easy thankfully!!


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