Thursday, September 9, 2010

Renovation Tips By a Clueless Carpenter

What could possibly go wrong?

Top Ten Reno Tips:

1. Send your husband to the driving range so you finally get a chance to play with the power tools.

2. Crank up the heavy metal. Power drills and angry music should always go together.

3. Wear something your feel good in. Don't they say confidence is the most important thing when it comes to building a kitchen?

4. Relax. If it doesn't go as planned you can always eat take out for the rest of your life. Besides Pizza has vegetables on it so it's totally healthy.

5. Keep the phone near by in case you need to phone your husband to brag about the killer job you are doing, or 911.

6. Just because you may have accidentally drilled a few holes in the wall doesn't mean you should give up. Weren't you thinking about knocking that wall down any ways?

7. E-mail your husband photo's of you drilling here and there and everywhere and then attach the photo below.

Good news, I installed the sink!! I'm not sure why the wall came down, but doesn't the sink look great?

9. Walk around your condo building looking all tired and sweaty so they think you're doing all the work. It'll feel good being praised.

10. If all else fails, break open your piggy bank and phone a contractor to come finish the job quickly. Then when your husband comes home to an immaculate new kitchen shrug your shoulders and say "What? Like this is hard or something?"


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  1. Ah, good times. Reminds me of our kitchen reno - right to the antique studs - literally ripped out from floor to ceiling. And totally worth it! Hope you love the final result :)

  2. I LOVE your list and the safety glasses :)

  3. Hahaha, cute post! It looks like you are getting down and dirty with your renovation. Having helped my hubby knock down a few walls when we first bought our home I can totally relate. Be sure to post after pics! I can't wait to see the finished product!

  4. You make renovating look GOOOOOD!!

    The first thing I noticed in that chaotic demo pic was the sink in case you were wondering ;)

    And to second Rachel W. I also cannot wait for after pics!

  5. yeah Jessa

    love it.
    Living in a hundred year old house I can so relate to reno life.
    It sure does take over which less room in the mind to think about much else.
    What is that great shelf/stain glass piece leaning on the wall????
    Have a great weekend

  6. Thanks ladies!!

    The chaotic demo pic isn't mine, but I do have the same sink! I wish my kitchen was that big!!

    I think it's a tile mosaic on the wall in the demo pic?! It's very pretty! Our condo is about the whole size of the demo kitchen!; )

  7. hahaha totally!!!!!! I try almost anything once.... but i am sort of afraid of drills LOL

  8. this is hilarious and loving it! hope you are having a grand weekend! verbena cottage

  9. Oh I am cracking up right now! When I bought my house, I convinced myself that I could become a contractor... in fact, my friend and I had our contracting business named: 2 Women and a Hammer!!

    Needless to say, 2 months and countless projects (which all took far longer than planned) later, I realized that I did not have a career in the business!


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