Friday, September 24, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

Welcome to my very own public service announcement. If you have pets, Get insurance. We have three cats and they are all insured. Each one costs between $18-25 per month, this is dependent on their age when we adopted them. We are covered for 80% of their medical bills. The maximum allotted for each is so high I don't expect we could ever come close to hitting the limit. Circumstances where we would be hugely in the hole for surgeries and medication our insurance has saved us. Yesterday we learned our little pink nosed wonder needs dental surgery which will cost approximately $1200. Once again I was reminded how much insurance gives us peace of mind. Our highest bill to date has been $3000, and that was for a mere three days in the hospital. While our cat was very sick, we were not facing weeks in care, or even the high costs of medication many do. Vet bills are expensive even for short stays and that is what makes it important to consider all of these costs when deciding to share your home with these beautiful creatures. As they get older vet bills will get more expensive and it is a huge comfort knowing whatever they need, with insurance we will be able to afford it. We have three lives that depend on us and this honestly is something I think should be mandatory. If you have pets, please look into getting insurance. They deserve the same respect you would give the other members in your family in terms of medical care. Please remember the responsibility you take on when you adopt an animal. They deserve the same love and consideration they give you.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! J xx


  1. Good to know! My son is BEGGING for a cat so the timing of this post is perr-fect. If we do it, I will keep this in mind ;-) Have a good weekend!

  2. I agree!!!! my cat (indoor) broke his hip at age 1. It was a congenital thing, and the vet said his other hip was going to fracture within 6 weeks....i had NO insurance, and my vet bill was over $3000...(i fixed the second hip preventatively) who would have thought an indoor cat would cause such a problem. I had to do it though, cuz he was my baby and my responsibility!

  3. Wendy, I highly recommend it. I know people who've had vet bills upwards of $30,000. You never want to be in the position of putting your cat down because you can not afford the treatment. It is simply not fair to the animal.

    Jen, that is awful! I'm so glad they got their treatment though. In our vet clinic we often see animals that have been abandoned because their owners could not pay for the treatment. It's pretty horrible...


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