Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dial M for Moron

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Here's one for the history books. We didn't get the house. No biggy. Another offer came in which was likely not a chain sale so we pulled out. The house is still listed on the website and as I was still drooling over it, I wondered if the sale had gone through? Had the offer been accepted? I decided I would e-mail from my other account to be coy... Not realizing my name is clearly listed on all e-mails. So "Becky and Steve" sent an inquiry from an account marked with my name in bold letters next to it. I really didn't think that one through. As soon as I see this I'm mortified. Heart pounding, red faced mortified.

I e-mail my poor friend in Ontario praying this is like that dream where you show up naked at a public place. Also known as my single drunken years. No such luck. No biggie though right? I mean this guy probably won't even remember my name. Then the phone rings... It's like a scene out of Dial M for Murder only I'm not Grace Kelly and the only thing I can possibly die of is extreme humiliation. The tension in my body is running high. I see it's our Realtor and I totally want to throw up. I am now hiding the phone under a cushion as only a truly emotionally mature woman would. I phone my husband at work and try helplessly to convince him the only answer is to move to Nebraska and go on the lam. He is too busy laughing at the situation to reply. I take this as a sign he will not be helping me pack. Then he stops laughing long enough to let me know our Realtor is now phoning him. Dear Lord. After speaking to our Realtor my husband phones me to let me know all is well. The world did not end. This comes as a great relief as I have come to realize packing up my worldly possessions is a lot of work and I'm already worn out from running around like a ninny. Our realtor also claims this happens often. I think this was his nice way of saying "your wife makes Lucy Ricardo look sane."

The lesson today folks is don't send "anonymous" e-mails from an account with your name all over it. You'll look like an idiot. Lesson two is only have a couple possessions so that when you do need to leave the country fast you're not stuck wondering if your collection of Nancy Drew novels and Buffy The Vampire Slayer dvd's will count as carry on luggage.

Happy Tuesday, and by all means feel free to leave your own tale of embarrassment. Jessa xx

Monday, October 25, 2010

I think my baby fell off it's vine

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Yesterday was our two year anniversary of our dossier arriving in Ethiopia. I was wondering what would happen to our little guy on the baby tracker(right hand side of screen), and I see this morning he is back at the beginning. He's had a long journey on that vine but he looks pretty chill, and if he's ok than so am I.

This last week has been a bit rough in our household but I'll be back to blogging Wednesday and will share some of what's been going on with us. Until then let's all appreciate Kiefer Sutherland's hotness and the fact that he can survive 24 hours of non-stop killing action and we have survived 24 months on non-stop adoption drama. We're all rockstars!

Hope everyone else is doing well!!! xx

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Birthday Update

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Were you wondering if we'd skipped the country for my birthday never to return? I have missed my blog and all of you the last few days!!

My birthday was wonderful... He took me to my favourite french restaurant where I dined on a bocconcini salad, mushroom ravioli, and french cake for desert. I even had some bubbly because I'm wild like that. Simply divine.

Then he took me to the symphony where we listened to Schubert and Mozart preformed by the wonderful Vancouver Orchestra. 90% of the music I listen to is classical and opera and there is nothing I love more than to see it preformed live. Complete perfection!!

For my present he got me a telescope. I have been wanting one for years so this is a dream come true. The one that is ordered will allow me to see nebula's and I am just so enthralled by this. I've been frequenting the telescope store in Kitsilano the last few months drooling over the possibilities. This is pretty awesome!!!

This week has been busy as there is a house possibility on the horizon. I don't want to jinx it so that's all I'll say for now. Cross your fingers for us though!!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes! I'm a very lucky lady and my birthday was very special. Jxx

Friday, October 15, 2010

33 years ago today...

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33 years ago today, greatness was born. God may have left out humility, but in all fairness I was chalked full of greatness so humility would have been hard to squeeze in. This will be my 33rd year on the planet and I couldn't be more excited!! How amazing is it to have had so much time already with incredible friends, family, and wonderful bloggers I've met on here? Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Aging has become such a fear in our society and I will never understand that. We are constantly reminded how lucky we are to have this time and what a blessing each day is.
Life truly is beautiful.

Admittedly I was a tad blue this morning. Not because I'm getting older but because I was in all honesty expecting to have a referral by now. Our original referral predictions had more than allotted for one by now. You know what though? So what! My life may be a little different than predicted but I am a phenomenally lucky person. I am healthy, happy, and I am surrounded by an abundance of love and joy. I'm 33 years old today and my life is pretty darn superb.

My husband is taking me out somewhere tonight. I love an old fashioned surprise! Eeeek!

Thank you everyone who has made the last year not only bearable, but enjoyable. I am celebrating a wonderful 33 years full of laughter, tears, and endless people who inspire me. I adore you all and I am so deeply grateful to each and everyone one of you.

jxx ps. Aren't the images above delicious looking?!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inter-Generational Justice - Why We Need To Care

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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb

I had the amazing privilege to attend Severn, The Voice Of Our Children at the Vancouver International film Fest that inspired and moved me in ways I can barely articulate. The catalyst for the movie was Severn Suzuki, also known as 'the girl who silenced the world'. At a mere twelve years old her 1992 speech at the the Earth Summit was revolutionary. Perhaps even more astonishing was that her speech contained incredible foresight.

We are killing ourselves. We are killing our children. The message has not changed and we need to hear it. We need to hear it now. We do not have a right to deny our children a healthy future. We do not have the right to rob the fellow creatures we share this earth with of their lives.

As we head towards our thanksgiving dinners, more than being thankful for the food in front of us we need to start looking at where it comes from? What it contains? How it is harming or nourishing our family? We are so removed from the things that sustain us. We would die without food and yet most of us know nothing of the land it comes from. Our shelter, our clothes, everything comes at a deep cost and we need to examine just what that cost it.

There was a phrase continuously used in this film called "inter-generational justice". This resonates with me as I prepare to one day be a mother. This land is their land and I have no right to rob them of it. No right to hurt their future by using plastic bags, leaving lights on, wasting water, shopping irresponsibly, the list goes on and on. Severn Suzuki is correct when she sights what we are doing as crimes against humanity. Crimes against future generations. When we say we would do anything for our children, we need to be prepared to do the most important thing which is to save their lives. We need to reclaim a respect for all life if we are to survive.

We are not "saving the planet" because earth will survive without us. We are striving to save humanity and those we share this planet with. We need to act now. We need to show future generations just how much we love them.

Thanksgiving is about appreciation and gratitude. Today I am immensely thankful that we may still have a chance to turn our future around. I am so in love with my unknown child that as I sit here I am praying I can make them proud through my actions and maybe, just maybe give them a world they can be truly thankful for.

This is her 1992 Summit speech and I implore you to watch it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful for each and everyone of you. xx

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finding The Fun In Design

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I tend to be a bit regimented in my design. Only in the last year would I say I have found the fun in it so to speak. I've become a bit more relaxed and less stuffy about trying the unexpected. The above are photos of stylist Anna Richardson's home. I found her on Decor8 a wonderful blog by Holly Becker who if you haven't checked out before is a definite must read! Richardson's home is fun and whimsical in a way that reminds me of the wonderful silly that should exist within design. How letting the kid in you pick some elements can make a home more comfortable. Homes don't need to be mature and practical. In fact they should have some relaxed elements that remind us not to take ourselves or our belongings to seriously.

I'm not sure I could live with this much colour or belongings, but her home definitely inspires a sense of wonderment. What do you think?


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Falling for Autumn

I have a very deep love for autumn. I love the orange, yellow, and red hues surrounding us. I love the promise of winter. The promise of peace and quiet. I look forward to a roaring fire place and hot tea after a brisk fall walk. I even love the rain which nourishes the earth, the animals, and myself. I like that while everything prepares for slumber the rain reminds me there is work still being done. The rain reminds me things are still growing. This is something that I need to remember right now and something that God ever so eloquently says with the changing of the seasons.


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