Friday, October 15, 2010

33 years ago today...

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33 years ago today, greatness was born. God may have left out humility, but in all fairness I was chalked full of greatness so humility would have been hard to squeeze in. This will be my 33rd year on the planet and I couldn't be more excited!! How amazing is it to have had so much time already with incredible friends, family, and wonderful bloggers I've met on here? Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Aging has become such a fear in our society and I will never understand that. We are constantly reminded how lucky we are to have this time and what a blessing each day is.
Life truly is beautiful.

Admittedly I was a tad blue this morning. Not because I'm getting older but because I was in all honesty expecting to have a referral by now. Our original referral predictions had more than allotted for one by now. You know what though? So what! My life may be a little different than predicted but I am a phenomenally lucky person. I am healthy, happy, and I am surrounded by an abundance of love and joy. I'm 33 years old today and my life is pretty darn superb.

My husband is taking me out somewhere tonight. I love an old fashioned surprise! Eeeek!

Thank you everyone who has made the last year not only bearable, but enjoyable. I am celebrating a wonderful 33 years full of laughter, tears, and endless people who inspire me. I adore you all and I am so deeply grateful to each and everyone one of you.

jxx ps. Aren't the images above delicious looking?!

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  1. A happy, happy birthday to you! Hope your surprise evening is fabulous :)

  2. The images are wonderful and I very much enjoyed them! Happy 33! :-D Loved the post!

  3. I hope your 33rd year is better than ever!!! Happy birthday again. xoox

  4. Happy Birthday young thing you! I hope you've had a terrific day, and that Doug takes you somewhere terrific tonight - have fun!!

    Blessings, Jessa.

    Ruth xo

  5. Happy Birthday, Jessa!! A birthday surprise with your favourite guy is a great way to kick off a special year!


  6. Oh happy birthday friend!! I am such a HUGE fan of birthdays and think you should totally get to bask in all your fabulousness on the one day dedicated specifically to you! Take care, and enjoy!!

  7. was the celebration? Dish.


  8. Thanks everyone!!!It was a lovely night. ♥ I'll write more on Monday. ; ) xx

  9. HI Jessa,

    I am a bit late with my birthday wish as I was away in Toronto for a wedding . Hope you had a great night I look forward to celebrating all the steps forward we take this year. Also as a little birthday miracle to add to celebration, I had a chance to visit the Imagine new office. I had some papers and was trilled to be able to do so in person. It was truly very special I must say my nerves where a wreck by the time I arrived but I feel so blessed to have had the chance to visit , I was welcomed and had a great talk I was not there to ask any questions more to express the gratitude I feel that we have an office and a company after all we have been through. The wedding was good but really the visit to Imagine is what made my weekend.
    Take care

  10. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jessa! I have loved getting to know you so far and am grateful that 33 years ago greatness was born! Screw humility :)

  11. Still on pins and needles to find out what the surprise was.. :)

  12. That's really good to hear Shannon!! I hope to visit them one day as well. I"m glad you felt better after seeing them. That is very reassuring. ♥

    Thanks Alicia!! xx

    Aly, I am working on my update as we speak. ; ) xx


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