Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Falling for Autumn

I have a very deep love for autumn. I love the orange, yellow, and red hues surrounding us. I love the promise of winter. The promise of peace and quiet. I look forward to a roaring fire place and hot tea after a brisk fall walk. I even love the rain which nourishes the earth, the animals, and myself. I like that while everything prepares for slumber the rain reminds me there is work still being done. The rain reminds me things are still growing. This is something that I need to remember right now and something that God ever so eloquently says with the changing of the seasons.


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  1. YUMMY! The colours are awesome :) I want to paint our front door, this orange os lovely) but I am scared that I will screw it up (read: be too lazy to be thorough enough)

  2. And we get to celebrate Thanksgiving with our special family and be thankful for that!

  3. You always hear about the "promise of spring" but never the promise of winter! I like that ;)


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