Monday, October 25, 2010

I think my baby fell off it's vine

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Yesterday was our two year anniversary of our dossier arriving in Ethiopia. I was wondering what would happen to our little guy on the baby tracker(right hand side of screen), and I see this morning he is back at the beginning. He's had a long journey on that vine but he looks pretty chill, and if he's ok than so am I.

This last week has been a bit rough in our household but I'll be back to blogging Wednesday and will share some of what's been going on with us. Until then let's all appreciate Kiefer Sutherland's hotness and the fact that he can survive 24 hours of non-stop killing action and we have survived 24 months on non-stop adoption drama. We're all rockstars!

Hope everyone else is doing well!!! xx


  1. You know what they say....good things come to those who wait! ;-)

  2. I just hope that this year is your year friend... 2 years is too long to wait.

  3. Thanks Alicia! Birds of a feather. ; )

    Rachel I sincerely hope so!!

    S.I.F I couldn't agree more... Two years waiting for a match is fairly ridiculous. Unfortunately it looks like we'll be waiting longer than we could even imagine. xx


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