Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heart Warming

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The nursery photos have nothing to do with the story I'm going to share but since our new crib is coming soon I wanted photos of the nursery as I originally envisioned. Ignore the toddler conversion kit underneath since it's going to be taken with the crib. I'm super happy with the carpet and my little lamb rug, and it's been nice to see my original idea in place.

Ah the sweet story though. Above are my three angels Julia, Odin (orange), and George (black and white). Julia was diagnosed with advanced arthritis early this year and her back leg has since completely fused together. For the last ten years since she was a kitten she has brought us her stuffed toy 'wolf' to the bedroom each night. Ten minutes after the four of us crawl into bed together we hear her meowing through the hallway that she has caught her wolf. Once deposited next to the bed she jumps in with us and receives cheers and congratulatory pets on the head. We are nothing if not enthusiastic pet parents. Since her injury though she often doesn't make it off the couch at night, and usually is snuggled up to her heating pad as seen above.

The first night she didn't catch her wolf I was rather sad. She was huddling next to me in bed and I could tell she was in a lot of pain. Just after midnight I heard a familiar meowing through the halls. While I was certain it was George I wasn't sure what he was doing as he rarely meows. When he came round to my side of the bed I saw in his mouth he had wolf. He placed him by my side of the bed as Julia hung over the ledge and watched with wide eyes as her brother brought her special wolf to her. He then crawled in next to us and went to sleep. Today this remains one of the sweetest acts I've ever witnessed. As the months have gone by on the nights she's too uncomfortable to catch her wolf let alone come to bed George brings us his mouse to the bedroom to carry on the nightly tradition. After dropping off his favourite mouse he goes back to the couch and spends the rest of the night sleeping next to her. This is a remarkable love to witness. An inspiring love to witness. I am so lucky to spend my days with such extraordinary beings.



  1. That is so beautiful. What loving creatures.

    It fills my heart when my children "take care" of each other.

  2. Now it is my turn to be misty eyed. Thanks Jessa, a truly wonderful story. I often wonder how, when a child asks, "will my kitty/puppy/beloved animal go to heaven" someone could ever answer "No." when clearly these animals are a little piece of heaven here on earth.

  3. Beautiful, and heart-wrenching. What a lovely story.

  4. That really is so heartwarming... I hang out on my heating pad like that too! :)

  5. Your cats are sooooo adorable! Fur-babies are what get us through this adoption process. ;-)


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